Investigative Committee and Federal Drug Control Service management ex-deputies served with Spanish summons

Investigative Committee and Federal Drug Control Service management ex-deputies served with Spanish summons
Gennady Petrov

Former Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee Igor Sobolevsky, former Deputy Head of the Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) Nikolai Aulov, Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik and other high-ranking Russians are accused of participating in a criminal community associated with the leaders of Tambovskaya and Malyshevskaya gangs.

The National Court of Justice of Spain sent summonses to the court for a group of high-ranking Russians, accused of being part of a criminal community, laundering money received in Russia from frauds with VAT refunds and crimes against society, Rosbalt reports. Among the accused are Gennady Petrov, one of the leaders of Tambovskaya crime group, and his wife, Alexander Malyshev, the leader of Malyshevskaya group, Vladislav Reznik, State Duma deputy, and his wife Diana Gindin, Igor Sobolevsky, Nikolai Aulov, Yury Salikov, Leonid Khristoforov and others. The hearing is to take place in February 2018.

Preliminary hearings in the case took place at the end of January 2016. Then only a few people came to court. The rest, including Petrov and his spouse, Khristoforov, Sobolevsky, Aulov and Reznik, were arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list. Reznik appealed the arrest, invoking the fact that he had not come to court because of illness and he did not abscond from the investigation. Then he managed to achieve the reversal of the decision. Information about the remaining defendants was transferred to Interpol.

If in February Reznik does not come to the court session, the decision on his absentee arrest and issuing a wanted notice will be taken again.

It is noted that hearings in this case were supposed to be held in the summer, but were unexpectedly postponed allegedly because of the lack of free rooms for trials. However, according to Rosbalt's source, the reason could be the reluctance of the judge to try the case during the heat and holidays.

The main prosecutor in the case of Jose Grinda, specializing in exposing the Russian mafia, recently has been involved himself in a scandal. The lawyer and former judge Ignacio Pelaez accused him of pedophilia. Pelaez passed testimonies of the parents of the injured children to the law enforcement bodies.

Grinda stated in response that Pelaez had acted in the interests of the Russian ex-Minister of Information Technologies Leonid Reiman, whose surname is mentioned in the case of Gennady Petrov and others. According to Rosbalt, the lawyer did visit Russia several times. However, in late September 2017, during the verification of the charges against Grinda, Pelaez passed away at the age of 53.



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