Investigation to check ex-deputy head of Deposit Insurance Agency in case of FSB colonel Cherkalin

Investigation to check ex-deputy head of Deposit Insurance Agency in case of FSB colonel Cherkalin
Valery Miroshnikov

Valery Miroshnikov is being checked for possible involvement in the organization of preferences for ex-owner of Yugra bank, Aleksey Khotin.

The investigation will check former First Deputy Head of the Deposit Insurance Agency (‘Agentsvo po Strakhovaniyu Vkladov,’ DIA) Valery Miroshnikov in the case of ex-Head of the FSB Banking Department Kirill Cherkalin, RBC reports referring to sources familiar with the investigation. Miroshnikov is a witness in the case. 

The former DIA deputy head did not show up for an interrogation when summoned by investigator. According to RBC sources, the interrogation was planned as part of an investigation into a criminal case of Swindling. It was reported that Miroshnikov went abroad for treatment. 

RBC sources report that the investigator has studied the correspondence between Cherkalin and Miroshnikov and decided to test the former DIA manager for involvement in the organization of preferences for former Yugra owner Aleksey Khotin during bank bankruptcy. 

In July 2019, the former head of the FSB Economic Security Service Department 'K’ unit No. 2 Kirill Cherkalin was charged with Swindling on an Especially Large Scale (part 4 of Art. 159). A source familiar with the investigation reported that the Cherkalin case was merged with the case of his predecessor, who had been previously dismissed from the FSB, Dmitry Frolov, and former employee of the Banking Department, Andrey Vasilyev. Previously, Cherkalin was accused of taking bribes worth $850 thousand for one and a half years (Art. 290). 

At the DIA, Miroshnikov was responsible for the recruitment of external legal consultants. In December 2018, Vektor Prava LLC was elected as a legal consultant for the provision of services to Yugra. The company is accredited with the DIA and accompanies the bankruptcy procedures of credit institutions. Yugra is indicated as an example on the website of Vektor Prava: “We are working with more than 470 overdue loans worth more than 247 billion rubles ($3.93 billion). More than 330 lawsuits in the amount of more than 282 billion rubles ($4.49 billion) have been filed with the courts.”

According to the source familiar with the investigation, it is being checked whether the consulting company took sufficient action in the interests of the Deposit Insurance Agency. 

According to the SPARK database, Vektor Prava belongs to the Cyprus offshore Sardinel Holding. Owner of Troika Asset Management, Vladimir Akaev, is advisor to the company's directorate. As reported by an RBC source, Akaev, Miroshnikov, and Cherkalin are friends. 

July 10, the DIA press service reported that Miroshnikov would resign. Andrey Melnikov was offered to take his position. Miroshnikov is still listed as the first deputy director general of the DIA on the agency's website. It is indicated that he oversees issues related to the liquidation of credit institutions. Miroshnikov worked in the agency since its foundation in 2004.



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