Investigation of GTA gang’s attack on court escort completed

Investigation of GTA gang’s attack on court escort completed
Hazratkhon Dodokhonov Photo: Dmitry Korotaev / Kommersant

The only surviving criminal is charged.

Hazratkhon Dodokhonov, a member of the GTA gang, was charged after the completion of the investigation into the attack the criminal and his four accomplices committed on the convoy in the building of the Moscow Region Court, the official ICR representative Svetlana Petrenko reported. Earlier, the accused received a life sentence for participation in armed robberies.

Dodokhonov is accused of escaping custody; theft of weapons and the infringement on the life of a law enforcement officer (part 3 of Article 313, paragraph “b” of part 4 of Article 226, part 2 of Article 35 and Article 317 CCRF).

According to the investigation, the accused entered into an agreement with defendants Kholik Subkhanov, Fazritdin Khasanov, Abdumukim Mamadchonov and Mirzomavlon Mirzosharipov to escape the custody on August 1, 2017. On the designated day on the way to the courtroom, the criminals attacked two escort officers in the elevator and seized their weapons. At the exit from the elevator, they met resistance from the police and the National Guard, who frustrated their escape.

Mamadchonov, Mirzosharipov and Subkhanov died at the scene, Fazlitdin Khasanov – in the hospital. Dodokhonov also was taken to the hospital, but his wound was non-lethal. On August 9, 2018, Dodokhonov and other surviving members of the GTA gang (Sherdzhon Kodirov, Anvar Ulugmuradov and Umar Khasanov) received life sentences, with the exception of Zafardzhon Gulyamov. Judge Natalya Valikova sentenced him to 20 years in a strict regime colony.

The leader of the gang, Ibaydullo Subkhanov, was killed while detaining. The natives of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan committed 16 robberies in Moscow, the Moscow and Kaluga regions, killed 17 people and injured five. The criminals have been called the “GTA gang” because they, like the character of the video game Grand Theft Auto, robbed drivers.



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