Investigation into ex-deputy head of National Guard’s Samara office reveals ties with Zakonovskie

Investigation into ex-deputy head of National Guard’s Samara office reveals ties with Zakonovskie
Dmitry Sazonov

Siloviki learned that the payments from bandits were made for protecting private security companies controlled by the OCC.

Investigators identified a link between the leaders of Zakonovskie OCG and officers of the Samara Ministry of Internal Affairs when investigating into the criminal case against former Deputy Head of the National Guard regional department, Dmitry Sazonov. This is reported by Samarskoe obozrenie.

To recall, the officer is suspected of receiving a 100-thousand-ruble ($1,522) bribe from Zakonovskie representative Aleksandr Orlov to keep MIA officers quiet even if violation was detected. The money was allocated by order of the organized crime community leaders - first Aleksey Ryzhov, and then Sergey Gafurov. In exchange, the police protected private security companies, including Vostok-Lada private security organization.

So far, the investigation has identified four episodes of bribe transfer to Sazonov, therefore, the charge indicates the amount of 400 thousand rubles ($6,088). The criminal case is under active consideration of the second department for major investigations of the ICR Investigations Directorate in the Samara region.

As part of the investigation earlier this month, siloviki raided the homes and offices of two heads of the MIA office in Samara, namely Chief of Police Vyacheslav Khomskikh and Deputy Chief of Police for Public Order Igor Sizokov.

The former worked under ex-Head of the regional MIA General Administration Yury Sterlikov. After Sterlikov resigned, Khomskikh headed the MIA department in the Krasnoyarsky district, but returned to Samara four months later to become head of the city police. He has continued to fill this position to this day.

Sizokov started to work for the Department of Internal Affairs of Samara back in 2000. From 2001 to 2008, he was the deputy of Dmitry Sazonov, who headed Samara’s Public Security Police. After Sazonov’s resignation, Sizokov took his position in the city police department. He currently serves as deputy chief of police; in other words, he is Vyacheslav Khomskikh's deputy.

Search in the siloviki’s houses revealed numerous expensive gifts (watches and figurines). Some of them were labeled, which made it possible to trace the buyer, more precisely, the card with which the accessories were paid. All souvenirs have been withdrawn. The investigation intends to recognize them as bribes, but the issue is still being resolved. It is possible that the searches will be held at the location of other senior officials of the Samara Ministry of Internal Affairs.

At the same time, Valery Lapitsky, the managing partner of AB Legal Lab, noted that in order to recognize souvenirs as a bribe, it was necessary to prove that this gift was given to an official for specific actions or inaction in favor of the bribe giver.



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