Investigation into crime lord Karen Lipetsky’s murder over $1.7mn stolen by cashiers completed 

Investigation into crime lord Karen Lipetsky’s murder over $1.7mn stolen by cashiers completed

The case of a night shootout at a Moscow gas station, which resulted in the murder of Karen Petrosyan (Karen Lipetsky), will soon reach court.

After the Prosecutor's Office approves the indictment, former professional boxer and prize-winner of various Russian championships Ayk Papoyan will end up as a defendant in the dock, Rosbalt reports.

He is accused of participating in an armed fight at a gas station on the Moscow Ring Road, during which crime lord Karen Petrosyan was killed, and two more conflict participants were wounded. According to the publication citing a source in law enforcement bodies, the conflicting parties were clarifying the fate of criminal money in the amount of $1.7 million, which ‘stuck’ in a cash withdrawal platform.

The defendant Ayk Papoyan, previously a professional boxer with a conviction, has wealth of contacts throughout the criminal world. In recent years, he has owned a restaurant in Moscow; in addition, he has been an unspoken co-owner of a large cash withdrawal platform, through which there passed large flows of money obtained by criminal means.

In 2016, members of a Lipetsk region OCG employed its services. They transferred a large amount of money in rubles to the account specified by cashiers using fictitious, expecting to get $1.7 million in cash from Papoyan. However, during this operation, the shadow bankers discovered a ‘financial gap’ of over 50 million rubles ($883,000). According to Papoyan, this was due to the fault of one of the employees, namely a mistress of the second platform co-owner, who pocketed large sums of money.

Eventually, the conflict between the co-owners became legal; the parties wrote statements against each other, on which criminal cases were initiated. At the same time, the Lipetsk criminals got worried about the fate of the money, and since negotiations were conducted with Papoyan, they began to bring him claims. The parties set a meeting for July 11, 2016 at a BP gas station, located near the Moscow Ring Road, where crime lord Karen Petrosyan arrived by 2 SUVs accompanied by five fighters.

Papoyan also had a company. His bodyguard Evgeny Mukhamechin, officially listed as an employee of a private security company, was with him. Both were armed, although Papoyan left his gun in the car before the negotiations.

According to Rosbalt citing a source, Papoyan explained the situation to Petrosyan, promising to give the money back after a suit with his partner. However, Lipetsky insisted on the immediate repayment of the entire amount by Ayk himself; at the same time, he used expressions that are not accepted in the criminal world.

When it came to the use of arms, the crime lord grabbed his gun, but former boxer Papoyan managed to get a hold of it and shoot Petrosyan in the chest. Wounded Karen Lipetsky tried to run back to the side, pulling his second gun from under his belt, after which he received a headshot from Papoyan. Lipetsky’s bodyguards, who got out of a car, were shot by Evgeny Mukhamechin, who wounded two of them.

Papoyan and Mukhamechin fled the scene, but were soon detained. They were charged with murder and attempted murder.



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