Intimidated jury: new details about Roslavsko-Dubrovskaya gang case emerged 

Intimidated jury: new details about Roslavsko-Dubrovskaya gang case emerged
Initial composition of the criminal group Photo: Investigative Committee

Earlier it was reported that a jury found seven gang members guilty of six murders, creation of a criminal community, banditry, hooliganism and encroachment on the life of law enforcement officers.

In the early 2010s, members of Roslavsko-Dubrovskaya criminal group Igor Galantsev, Sergey Novgorodov, Igor Semenov, Pyotr Turlayev and Gennady Baronov were already in the dock in a case of murder and encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer, but then the jury acquitted them, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda. According to investigators, the jury was intimidated.

The group appeared in the 1990s in the city of Roslavl, Smolensk region. It was created by PE teacher Yury Misurkin, who later went missing. After Misurkin, the leaders of the gang were Nikolay Emelyanov (on the international wanted list) and Igor Golantsev. The gangsters controlled the trade in smuggled alcohol and tobacco, and also collected tribute from “shuttle traders and car service directors.”

By the end of the 1990s, the gang grew to 100 people and controlled the Bryansk and Smolensk regions. Later, members of the criminal group helped their people take deputy seats in these regions, and also secured the patronage of the heads of security agencies. After that, the number of contract killings in the Bryansk region became 7-8 times higher than in two regions.


Emelya in his youth (to the right)

In 2009, investigators established the involvement of Roslavsko-Dubrovskaya gang members in the 2005 murder and the 2003 encroachment on the lives of police officers in the Kaluga region. By the summer of 2010, the names of the group members became known, and information about other crimes committed by its members also emerged. In 2011, Novgorodov, Semenov and Galantsev were detained in the office of Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Kaluga region. Later, Turlayev and Baronov were rounded up. The jury, however, returned a verdict of not guilty.

Later it became known that one of the jurors was beaten while returning after one of the court sessions in the gang case.


After their release, members of the group demanded that the traders and owners of car service centers controlled by them pay 'debts' for the time the bandits spent in the detention center. However, it soon transpired that the jury’s decision was made with procedural violations. The case was returned for a review.


In July 2019, a jury of Moscow District Military Court found Galantsev, Novgorodov, Semenov, Turlayev, Baronov, as well as Oleg Tereshin and Pyotr Turlayev guilty of creating a criminal community, six murder counts, banditry, hooliganism and encroachment on the life of law enforcement officers. The Investigative Committee notes that the investigation into the activities of the gang is ongoing. It is reported that the gang was complicit in at least 40 murders, one of its leaders, Nikolay Emelyanov, is on the international wanted list.




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