Interpol seeking for FSB killers’ gang henchman

Interpol seeking for FSB killers’ gang henchman
Sergey Zozulya Photo: Interpol

Wanted Sergey Zozulya is involved in committing murders and robberies, the investigation believes.

Tyumen Interior Ministry ex-employee Sergey Zozulya is put on the international wanted list. The Main Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated the search. Investigators marked Zozulya’s file with a "red corner" (a request for detention and immediate extradition), Kommersant reports.

The investigation believes that Zozulya is one of the defendants of the criminal case of the so-called Federal Security Service (FSB) employees’ gang. He is suspected of murder and robbery as part of the group.

The case against the remaining members of the group reaches the final stage of the investigation. Former employee of the Department for Support of Operational Measures (OSOM) of the FSB of the Tyumen region Alexey Korotkov, his colleague ensign Evgeny Gladkikh and coach of the Sambo team Alexander Kobylin, who previously worked in the OSOM are waiting for the trial. Another accused, sniper Sergey Gilev, was found dead in May 2017 with cutthroat and opened veins in the cell of SIZO No. 2 in Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region. Gilev was the leader of the group, according to investigators.

Two accomplices of the gang, coach for sambo Alexander Kobylin and local unemployed resident Sergey Sinyakov, are charged with the murder of a Tyumen woman in 1994.

As The CrimeRussia had previously written, the case against the FSB officers was initiated in December 2016. The victims of the siloviki were mostly local entrepreneurs. According to the investigation, the officers tried to establish control over businessmen who illegally cashed in money or siphoned off them abroad. Those who resisted were killed. Also, the gang is suspected of a series of murders of taxi drivers. In all, we can talk about 53 murders committed for various reasons – contract killings, xenophobic murders, etc.

All the defendants were charged with Murder (Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), Robbery (Article 162 of the Criminal Code), Hooliganism (Article 213 of the Criminal Code) and Abduction (Article 126 of the Criminal Code), depending on the role of each.



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