Inspection of photos of ‘Tsepovyaz’s feast’ finds no violations

Inspection of photos of ‘Tsepovyaz’s feast’ finds no violations
Viacheslav Tsepovyaz and barbecue

The chief reason is the absence of sources.

The first check that was performed after photos of a convict Viacheslav Tsepovyaz eating barbecue and crab meat were posted on the web has found no violations, reports Interfax with reference to Natalia Okhotnikova, a chairperson of the public monitoring commission in Amur region.

In her words, the first check was performed in April, 2018. Then, the General Procurator’s Office, the Federal Penal Correction Service, and the Investigative Committee became interested in the photos, however did not find a body of a crime. At the present time, a follow-up inspection is being carried out. 

“The thing is that the Tsepovyaz’s wife provided the photos in a documentary form only; there are no photos in an electronic format. In other words, if Tsepovyaz had sent them via the phone or e-mail, they might have been saved in an electronic format, as well.” The region’s chairperson explained. 

She also added that the place where the pictures were taken is not identified. The last time the wife visited Tsepovyaz in the prison was in 2015. Thus, theoretically, he could hand them on to her only then. 

Moreover, Okhotnikova recalled that there was a cafe in the colony’s territory. Any inmate may purchase food with his own money. 

“An inmate may spend 7800 rubles ($115) a month. Inmates held under relaxed conditions receive 9 thousand rubles ($132), those under strict conditions receive 7200 rubles ($106). There is also a salary if an inmate works, and social payments.” Okhotnikova explained. 

She specified that Tsepovyaz did live in an improved barrack when he was engaged in work in an apiary, however, he was dismissed in January, 2018, and transferred to regular conditions. 

“With the recent events related to scandalous photos and divorce proceedings, his gastritis sharpened, so he was not at the breakfast, and this is a violation of regime. He was placed in a punitive confinement for 3 days, till last Sunday.” The chairperson of the public monitoring commission said. 

The media had earlier posted photos of Tsepovyaz posing at the table with crab meat and caviar, and preparing barbecue in the other photo. His ex-wife told that 3 million rubles ($44.2) per year were spent to support her ex-husband in prison. 

The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against the colony’s employees. They are accused of exceeding official powers and forming privileged conditions for Tsepovyaz he had no right to. 

Tsepovyaz convicted of mass murders in a stanitsa of Kushchevskaya states that the photos from the colony were faked and posted on the web by his ex-wife he is sharing property with.



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