Ingush ethnic gang of businessman kidnappers detained in Moscow region 

Ingush ethnic gang of businessman kidnappers detained in Moscow region
Detained members of the ethnic gang

All of its participants are natives of Ingushetia, previously convicted for robbery.

Moscow region police have detained five men suspected of kidnapping businessmen for ransom. Siloviki raided the house rented by the Ingush natives early in the morning. During the search, they found an automatic rifle, a traumatic, pneumatic and signal pistols, ammunition, and knives. Also, documents on stolen cars, mobile phones, and technical means of suppressing radio signals were seized.

According to the ICR in the Moscow region, July 3, members of the gang kidnapped two men in the Shchelkovo region. As the victims later said, several people, approached their car and moved them into their SUV under the threat of weapons. After that, as the operatives found out, blindfolded, they were placed in one of the houses in Balashikha. There, the kidnappers began to demand money from the businessmen. They wanted to get most of them, so they started with 500 thousand rubles ($7315), which will be transferred by the victims through their relatives immediately, plus another 10 million rubles ($146.318), for which they took a bill of debt. For the credibility, the hostages were beaten and shot with a traumatic pistol. Also, they were forced to tell the passwords for their bank cards; all their money was withdrawn via a mobile app, and their two expensive cars were taken away from them.

Обнаруженное оружие

Weapons found

As a result, one of the abductees managed to escape, and the second was released so that he could raise money.

A criminal case of Kidnapping (Art. 126 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Extortion (Art. 163) was initiated into the incident. The detainees have been placed in confinement on the court decision. The youngest of them is 21, and the oldest is 34.  

Law enforcers do not exclude that they have been doing this for a long time, and it is not the only episode. Also, their accomplices may be still at large, as the victims have seen 7-8 men. The investigation into the criminal case is ongoing.

Video: Ingush kidnappers’ gang eliminated in Moscow region



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