Ifa-Kozlov OCG leader prepares 3,500-page court presentation 

Ifa-Kozlov OCG leader prepares 3,500-page court presentation
Yury Kozlov in court

The high-profile trial of Ifa-Kozlov OCG members is coming to an end in the Supreme Court of Komi. The crime group leader Yury Kozlov is the last of 18 defendants to stand up before the Court.

Pretty much all of the defendants in the Ifa-Kozlov OCG case have expressed their attitude to the indictment in the Supreme Court of Komi. The trial has been in progress since January 29.

April 12, the OCG leader Yury Kozlov joined the judicial pleadings, Komiinform reports. For this purpose, he had prepared a 3,500-page court presentation.

The state prosecution requested life imprisonment for Kozlov and another active gang member, Denis Armyakov. At the same time, the prosecutor offered to make Kozlov serve part of his sentence in prison, and the other part in a strict regime colony. As for the rest of the OCG members, it was offered to sentence them to 321 years’ imprisonment collectively and a common fine of almost 10 million rubles ($161,230).

According to the indictment, Yury Kozlov is charged with the organization of murder of 13 people. Kozlov and Armyakov have neither pleaded guilty nor repented, in which the state prosecutor saw complete disregard for human values.


In 2015, five people were convicted in the Ifa-Kozlov OCG case. They concluded a pre-trial agreement with the investigation. Another four OCG members, including one of the gang leaders Oleg Ifa, remain internationally wanted.

The crime group of Ifa and Kozlov was formed in the Republic of Komi in 1995; it was defeated by law enforcers in March 2012. Its founding members were Yury Kozlov and Vladimir Ifa. Other OCG members included former law enforcement officers, athletes, and war veterans.


The crime group operated in conditions of fierce competition with other OCGs active in the polar regions. One of the gang leaders, Vladimir Ifa, and his wife were shot dead by a sniper in Moscow in 1997. Later, hitmen from the Ifa-Kozlov OCG eliminated the leaders of the rival organized crime group – Azat Shagivaliev and the brothers Aleksandr and Vladimir Aleksandrov.

The OCG was technically well-equipped. The gang occupied the Vorkuta Central Consumer Services Centre, with its headquarters located on the building’s sixth floor. The criminals had at least 20 armored vehicles, dozens of firearms, devices for silent shooting, grenades, and anti-personnel mines at their disposal.

For over 20 years of activity, the OCG members acquired shares in the authorized capital of at least 7 large enterprises in Vorkuta, while the number of small companies controlled by the Ifa-Kozlov gang reached 20.



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