ICR investigator Leonov shot by members of Gagiev's gang

ICR investigator Leonov shot by members of Gagiev's gang
Aslan Gagiev

According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, the high-profile murder of investigator of the Investigative Committee of Russia Aleksandr Leonov, the law husband of the former Judge of the Savelovsky District Court of Moscow Tatyana Adamova, has been solved.

This was reported at the Moscow City Court hearing on the case of a member of Aslan Gagiev's gang, 48-year-old former Special Forces agent Evgeny Yashkin, suspected of complicity in 25 murders. According to MK, he is charged under several articles of the Russian Criminal Code, namely Banditry, Attempted Murder, Participation in a Criminal Community, Murder, Abduction and Illegal arms trafficking.

According to the indictment, it was the crime group leader Aslan Gagiev, also known as Dzhako, who ordered to kill the investigator of the ICR Moscow Interregional Investigation Department. His henchman, Artur Dzhioev, was appointed responsible for the execution of murder, while the former police officer Ruslan Yurtov was the hitman.

As reported by the Prosecutor's Office representative Ivan Rasskazov, the criminals had been following Leonov for two weeks. According to investigation, prior to the ICR, Leonov was working at a debt collection agency, when he crossed Gagiev's path through the nature of his work.

As explained by the judge, after committing the crimes, the Lieutenant Colonel Yashkin had a chronic mental disorder. However, this does not release him from punishment; after compulsory treatment, he will face a term in prison.



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