ICR general Muzrayev charged with terrorism complains about custody conditions

ICR general Muzrayev charged with terrorism complains about custody conditions
Mikhail Muzrayev

The former adviser to Alexander Bastrykin is being held in a cell that needs renovating.

Mikhail Muzrayev, former adviser to ICR head Alexander Bastrykin and former Volgograd head of the Investigation Department, arrested on charges of terrorism, complained to human rights activists that the conditions of his detention at Lefortovo where he has been since 11 June are quite poor, reports Kommersant.

Lieutenant General Muzrayev was taken to the detention center after he was discharged from the hospital, where he had been under examination after a stroke and surgery. In the SIZO, he was placed in a quarantine cell, where he is alone, according to Ivan Melnikov, the head of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) of Moscow. The human rights activist noted that the cell needs renovating, but there are similar premises in the insulator that have already been renovated. There is no water in the cell, but there is a TV and a refrigerator.

Muzrayev told the human rights activists that he had not been given any books to read. When asked what he was doing in the cell, the general said that he was “pacing.” Muzrayev takes his walks alone.

Should he be convicted of terrorism (Art. 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), Muzrayev would have to serve his time along with other law enforcement officers accused of the same crime. However, there are no such prisons in Russia.

The lieutenant general also complained to the PMC that he was unable to get a blood pressure monitor, although he has health issues. He does get the medicines prescribed by a doctor, however. In addition, Muzrayev was surprised to learn that a lawyer would only be admitted to a meeting with him if he wins the “lottery” played with the other defenders, since Lefortovo lacks law offices. “What about my right to protection?” the general asks the human rights activists.

Mikhail Muzrayev was detained by FSB officers in the case of November 2016 arson of the house of Andrei Bocharov, the Volgograd Region governor. The indictment alleges that the mafioso businessman Evgeny Remezov, who rented the Volgograd market, was the mastermind behind the assassination. Remezov allegedly wanted to get back at the governor after his decision to transfer the market area to municipal property. The detectives do not say what part Muzrayev had in the crime.



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