"I will return all that was stolen from me." Tsapok's mother gives first interview after imprisonment

"I will return all that was stolen from me." Tsapok's mother gives first interview after imprisonment
Nadezhda Tsapok

The mother of the leader of Kuschevskaya OCG intends to return the farm lost as a result of several lawsuits and land worth hundreds of millions of rubles.

At the end of September, Nadezhda Tsapok, convicted in 2014 for 7.5 years for land fraud, was released from a colony in Ust-Labinsk. She is the former owner of OOO Artex-Agro and the mother of Kushchevskaya OCG leader Sergey Tsapok, on the account of which there are 19 murders.

Today, she gave Express Gazeta her first interview after release. The newspaper has published so far only the first part, announcing a sequel. In the huge text there is not a word about the crimes of the Tsapkov gang, so far it is only about litigation for the agroholding which was very rich in its time, the rights to which she has lost as a result of the actions of fraudsters.

“I don’t know what they write about me there, but I want to tell you - I’m not a bum. And everything that was stolen from me, I will return,” she said.

According to Nadezhda Tsapok, who returned to the village of Kushchevskaya after her imprisonment, she is ready to fight for the return of her agricultural sector, although in November 2018 it was reported that she had completed her activities as an individual entrepreneur, having closed the sole entrepreneurship.

According to her, they, "together with the husband, got this enterprise in a terrible, collapsed form, there was nothing left, it had to be built from the scratch.”

“With our own strength, our health, and sleepless nights, we led Artex-Agro to the list of the top 300 Russian companies. We built a mega-farm on a bare ground with a milk herd of 3,500 heads. We returned to the state hundreds of millions of rubles of the allocated loan till the last penny. There was an idea to build another farm on the opposite field, to give people jobs, salaries. By the time I got imprisoned we were getting up to 50 tons of milk per day. More than 100 million rubles ($1.6 mln) a year were paid each year in net taxes only,” Nadezhda Tsapok told the newspaper.

Now, according to her, huge amounts of money are earned by “scammers who have received everything by a court decision” at the agricultural holding created by her. Tsapok said that the first criminal case against her for illegally obtaining subsidies, initiated in 2010, was "the catalyst and the cause of all other misfortunes."

“They closed the debts and at that moment 30,000 rubles ($460) were randomly sent to another account. The cashier confused one digit, which is why the money left our account and did not come to the tax office. I got imprisoned for this for three years. They accused me of organizing a fraudulent scheme, although at that time I was getting a treatment abroad and did not know what was going on here. But in any case – 30,000 rubles ($460) for an enterprise with a billion ($15.3 mln) turnover, is simply ridiculous. At that moment, Artex-Agro had 26 million ($398,000) in the account. On my personal – 180 million ($2.7 mln). Well, God be their judge, I’ve already served for it and don’t want to remember,” Nadezhda Tsapok said.

“From that moment on, the judges of the Kushchevsky District Court did not need to find any evidence of my guilt. They simply passed all decisions not in my favor,” says the mother of the leader of the Kushchevskaya OCG.

After that, in 2011, for illegally obtaining a subsidy of 15 million rubles ($230,000) from the state budget. While she was in prison, says Tsapok, two more criminal cases were brought against her under the same article. But this time for the machinations with Kuschevsky lands.

At the same time, Nadezhda Tsapok names real scammers lawyer Viktoria Lesnaya (she received 8 years in prison for fraud) and her friend, Federal Judge Svetlana Martynova (now in a detention center in Rostov on suspicion of fraud).

Two weeks after the sentence of September 2, 2011, Tsapok told that Viktoria Lesnaya filed a lawsuit with the Kuschevsky District Court demanding to transfer all her land to the property of 80-year-old Anna Danko, her husband's aunt, on the grounds that Anna Danko’s land share 6.18 hectares became the basis for the formation of 35 land plots with a total area of 40 thousand hectares. Three hours after the entry into force of the Tsapok's sentence Kushchevsky District Court, according to her, gave all of her lands to the disposal of the 80-year-old woman. From this point on, the bankruptcy of Artex-Agro actually began, since Lesnaya, under a general power of attorney of Danko, again sued Tsapok in court on charges of unjust enrichment at the expense of a pensioner. After that, having on hand a court decision on the recovery of 234 million rubles ($3.6 mln) from the enterprise, Lesnaya again goes to court with a claim for bankruptcy of Artex-Agro with the remaining farm. As a result of the succession and change of lenders, the farm eventually became the property of structures close to the former governor of the Krasnodar region.

During the sentence of the owner of Artex-Agro, her company went bankrupt, and 5,000 hectares of Kuban land was ceded to other owners. And now Nadezhda Tsapok intends to regain the land, the market value of which, according to her estimate, is more than 500 million rubles ($7.6 mln). According to her, at the moment there is a definition of the Krasnodar Regional Court and the Supreme Court, which recognizes the decision to recover all this money from Artex-Agro and from her personally illegal.

Now the first thing a farmer is going to start with is to analyze all court decisions that were made on her lands during the time she spent in the colony. Then she intends to sue the new owners of the sites so that they return them to her.

Nadezhda Tsapok is the mother of the leader of the Kushchevskaya organized criminal group, Sergey Tsapok. His gang operated from 1998 to 2010. Its members killed 19 people. In November 2013, the Krasnodar Regional Court sentenced Tsapok and other members of the organized criminal group to imprisonment for terms ranging from 19 years to life, as well as to the payment of large fines. In July 2014, Tsapok died in the jail No. 1 of Krasnodar. In favor of the victims in the case of Kushchevskaya organized criminal group, more than 119 million rubles ($1.8 mln) were written off from Nadezhda Tsapok’s accounts at the Rosselkhozbank.



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