“I want to apologize to my victims’ relatives.” Killer of Orekhovo-Zuevo crime group writes confession

“I want to apologize to my victims’ relatives.” Killer of Orekhovo-Zuevo crime group writes confession

Oleg Mikhailov who had been sentenced to life in prison looks forward to release on parole.

Killer of Orekhovo-Zuevo crime group 48-year-old Oleg Mikhailov (aka Khokhol) has written his confession in the colony. Mikhailov who had been sentenced to life in prison for murder of 9 persons has told KP reporters about his criminal ‘career’.

“I’m actually Russian but had lived in Ukraine. This is why I got this nickname - Khokhol. I was taught to shoot in the army, I’m a member of an assault-landing force. I came to Moscow to visit my army fellow Sergey. I expected him to help me with job. It was the end of 1996.” Khokhol writes about his early stages.

Initially, Oleg Mikhailov made money on setting wiretaps on businessmen and other people the gang was interested in. He got about $400 for this work. After some time, Mikhailov asked about a more serious job. Then, his army fellow gave him a TT gun as a birthday present.

“I didn’t start killing people straight away. I was being looked at attentively due to the fact that I was a newcomer. I went to shooting, took part in skirmishes, “listened to” competitors. I was paid $600. That's not much to go on. The car I bought was a second hand car; however, I’d been abroad for a few times.” The killer told.

Mikhailov started earning $4 thousand in his new position. His victims’ photos were not provided to him - just the physical description and address. He committed his first murder on August 13, 1997. He killed a deputy head of the Fund for Development of law-enforcement authorities Sergey Drozdov who bothered the gang with their war for Tushino and Mitino markets.

“In 1998, the crime group’s authorities decided to formalize the gang and shift away from the criminal world. For that to happen, the traces needed to be covered, and personae non grata be put out of the way,” Mikhailov notes. This way, Khokhol murdered a gang’s member who was overlooking the Mitino market.

In 1999, the killer entered the evening department of the Institute of International Law and Economics. His major was legal studies, and he was the class leader. Nevertheless, he remained to be a part of the gang. When the gang’s members started to be arrested, Mikhailov wrote his full confession. “I was told I would get the maximum of 19 years in prison. When I was sentenced to life in prison, I was morally crushed.”

The CrimeRussia had earlier reported that in autumn, 2018, the wedding of the Orekhovo-Zuevo crime group’s killer Oleg Mikhailov (aka Khokhol) and his penfriend Viktoria who had earlier worked as an investigator. Now, the newly wedded couple are seeking for Mikhailov’s release on parole.



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