How ‘Svirid’ was lured and wasted 

How ‘Svirid’ was lured and wasted
"Metsenatovskie bros’" Second from the left: Maxim "Chirik" Mikhail. Photo: Vechorka

A member of "Metsenatovskie" gang played an important role: he was laying tied in the garage belonging to Deputy Yuri Shkretov as the bite for "Svirid".

An accomplice to former Chita Deputy Yuri Shkretov, convicted for crimes committed while being a member of "Osinovskie" criminal group, will also face trial soon. The Regional Prosecutor’s Office has recently sanctioned a criminal case against Maxim "Chirik" Mikhailov, a member of "Osinovskie" criminal group. "Chirik" is accused of participation in the murder of Viktor Sviridov, a "criminal lord" and businessman, in summer 2003. The suspect managed to hide for a long time, but in September 2015 was arrested in Moscow.


Vechorka reports that sportsman Maxim Mikhailov was a member of "Metsenatovskie" criminal group – a combat unit of "Osinovskie". Apropos he played an important role in murdering "Svirid". As a source told Vechorka, it was him laying tied in the garage belonging to Deputy Yuri Shkretov as the bite for "Svirid". "Svirid" was shoot dead in this secluded place, and the contractor of this killing was Igor "Osina" Osintsev, the boss of "Osinovskie", sentenced by the Zabaikalsky Krai Court to 25 years in prison on May 26, 2016. In addition, "Osina" shall pay 1 million rubles in fines and 24 million rubles in compensations to victims and relatives of those murdered by "Osinovskie" organized criminal group. "Oscine" was charged with 11 crimes: creation of a criminal group, murder, robbery, banditism, illegal acquisition and storage of weapons, etc.

To refresh background: in addition to Osintsev, Evgeny Gulyaev and ex-parliamentary Yuri Shkretov were convicted for murdering Viktor Sviridov.



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