Hotel in Abkhazia gets caught in center of gang fight 

Hotel in Abkhazia gets caught in center of gang fight

August 10, Abkhazian crime lords took over the Belye Skaly hotel in the village of Tsandripsh, 10 km from the Russian border.

This is reported by AiF-Ural referring to a resident of Yekaterinburg, who witnessed the gang fight while on vacation.

According to the publication’s interviewee, 80 unidentified men, including several crime lords, arrived in a neighboring hotel, after which they dispersed the security of Belye Skaly and dragged all the staff to the beach, frightening the tourists (the hotel hosts a lot of Russian tourists). According to locals, one of the crime lords in question is an enforcer for the market in Gagry. There were several Abkhazian militaries among the participants in the gang fight.


“I didn’t see weapons on them. The hotel guests, who were on the beach, scattered; part of them locked themselves up in hotel rooms,” the source said.

According to him, Belye Skaly belongs to a Russian woman named Tatyana, who, according to the residents of Tsandripsha, had previously had conflicts with representatives of the local underworld.


One of the pictures shows the crime lords dealing with the owners of the hotel in an arbor, while the ‘fighters’ who accompanied them were on the beach. The district department of internal affairs told URA.RU that law enforcement officers were unaware of the incident between the hotel staff and local residents.

To recall, in the autumn of 2017, criticizing the work of the Republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba called Abkhazia “a country of underbosses and gang fights,” in which criminal representatives try to influence the political and economic processes in a republic partially recognized by the international community.



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