Hitman of Orekhovskaya OCG Sasha-Soldat accused of 6 more assassinations

Hitman of Orekhovskaya OCG Sasha-Soldat accused of 6 more assassinations
One of the organized crime group leaders Sergey Butorin (Osya) and his bodyguard Marat Polyansky.

The direct perpetrator of Aleksandr Solonik's assassination and a staff hitman of the Orekhovskaya OCG Aleksandr Pustovalov, who had been sentenced to 23 years in prison on charges of 13 murders and banditry in 2005, to appear before the court.

The Moscow Prosecutor's Office has confirmed the indictment against Aleksandr Pustovalov and referred it to the Dorogomilovsky District Court along with the case materials.

According to the Moscow Prosecutor's Office, a plea agreement had been concluded with Pustovalov. As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, it happened back in 2014.

Soon after concluding the agreement, Aleksandr Pustovalov, known as Sasha-Soldat in criminal circles, was transferred to Moscow from a colony where he had been serving a sentence, and placed in a special cell block at the Matrosskaya Tishina detention center. It was also reported that another infamous hitman Aleksey Sherstobitov nicknamed Lesha-Soldat had also been transferred to Moscow.

The indictment against Aleksandr Pustovalov mentions premeditated murder under aggravating circumstances for mercenary motives on preliminary arrangement by group of persons.

Meanwhile, as the Prosecutor's Office has noted, Pustovalov gave a detailed testimony about the crimes committed by him and exposed other members of the gang during the preliminary hearing.

There is no information as to when the court will begin processing Pustovalov's new case.

No limitation period

The Orekhovskaya organized crime group is one of the most powerful and violent criminal gangs of 80-90s in Moscow. According to investigation, its members have committed at least 50 murders and attempted murders in Moscow, the Moscow and Vladimir regions, as well as in Greece and Ukraine.

Пустовалов,_Александр_Сергеевич.jpgAleksandr Pustovalov, one of the best known hitmen of the Orekhovskaya OCG, was arrested in November 1999. In 2005, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison on charges of 13 murders, attempted murder, and banditry. However, the investigation had been unable to prove Pustovalov's involvement in 17 more murders.

Pustovalov's proven crimes include the high-profile assassination of the Odintsovo District Special Prosecutor's Office Investigator Yury Kerez in 1998; Kerez had refused to take a bribe from the criminals. It is known that hitman Pustovalov spent two days laying in the snow and mud in front of the Prosecutor's Office building, disguised as a drunk.

In addition, Pustovalov is the direct perpetrator of the assassination of a well-known hitman Aleksandr Solonik and his female friend Svetlana Kotova. In addition, he is suspected in killing the Head of Sportsmen Social Assistance Fund Otari Kvantrishvili in 1994, as well as of other crimes. According to investigation, a native Muscovite and a former Marine Pustovalov is guilty of murdering 35 people. 



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