Hitman gets married in jail after a life of encasing bodies in concrete

Hitman gets married in jail after a life of encasing bodies in concrete

The newlyweds will spend their three-day "honeymoon" in jail.

Oleg Mikhailov, a full-time hired assassin of the Orekhovo-Medvedkovskaya gang, got married in IK-5, the Vologda prison for those convicted for life, or the so-called "Vologodsky Pyatak".

The hitman met his fiancée in the spring of this year. They had a long-distance relationship and wrote letters to each other. The name of the woman who said yes to Mikhailov is not disclosed.

The wedding was a humble event. The ceremony was attended by the colony's authorities and two journalists.

The couple will have a three-day "honeymoon". They will be living in the visiting room of the colony, but they are not allowed to go outside.


The Orekhovskaya gang was created in the early 1990s in Moscow with Sergei Timofeev nicknamed Sylvester as the leader. Over time, he subdued smaller groups, including Medvedkovskaya and Kurganskaya. Sylvester was killed in 1994, when his car was blown up. After that, Sergei Butorin (Osya) became the ringleader. The bandits protected petrol stations, car-care centers, cafes, restaurants, and markets. They also had their own travel agency (that they used to get new passports), a law office and a nightclub. A large-scale investigation into the group's activities began in 1998 after the murder of the investigator Yuri Kerezya, who was the first investigator in Russia to institute a criminal case under Art. 210 of the Criminal Code ("organization of a criminal community"). There were high-profile detentions and convictions of the gang members between 1998 and the beginning of the 2010s.

Oleg Mikhailov aka Khokhol was a regular hitman and one of the leading ones in Orekhovskaya. He has been proven guilty of 11 murders. In 1997, he and his partner killed businessman Yuri Ivakhno, who had wanted to recover his loan from the gang. Ivakhno was strangled, and his body was taken to the Moscow suburbs, where it was dissolved in acid. In the same year, Khokhol shot and killed Sergei Drozdov, head of the law enforcement development fund (FRPO), who had also been uncooperative. In the spring of 1998, the hitman tried to kill the FRPO deputy head, Vladimir Ermakov, but the victim's driver got all the bullets. A few months later, Oleg Mikhailov shot a submachine gun at police colonel Nodari Gelashvili in the heart of Moscow. In 1999, he killed a Podolsk crime lord Alekseev named Shakespeare and an Izmailovsky foreman Vladimir Zaichikov (Zayats). Khokhol even killed a few men from Orekhovskaya: he shot Sergei Simonov and Vasily Tsarkov and encased their bodies in concrete.

Khokhol had not been detained until 2003; the court sentenced him to life imprisonment.



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