Hitman Chelentano sentenced to 24 years in prison

Hitman Chelentano sentenced to 24 years in prison
Anatoly Radchenko aka Chelentano

Radchenko said the verdict "doesn’t make any sense."

The Novosibirsk Regional Court sentenced Anatoly Radchenko, who was a member of Alexander Trunov’s gang, to 24 years in a penal colony for murders and other crimes, reports Interfax.

The court found him guilty of organizing a criminal community, murders and incitement thereto, murder attempts, banditry, illegal possession of weapons, extortion, fraud and attempted fraud. In addition to imprisonment, the convicted man has been fined 1 million rubles. The court also allowed claims for damages to two victims, 1 million rubles each.

Anatoly Radchenko, better known as Chelentano, pleaded not guilty, although he did not deny that he had met those who are believed to be members of the gang. After the sentence was pronounced, the convict said it "doesn’t make any sense."



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