Hitler Jr. arrested for extortion (Hitler Sr. was killed in the turbulent 90's) 

Hitler Jr. arrested for extortion (Hitler Sr. was killed in the turbulent 90's)
The criminal trio visited the bookmaker's office quite often Photo: Video Screenshot

Two other gang members were detained, too.

Law enforcement officers detained a gang of extortionists nicknamed Orhan, Safa and Gitler Mladshy (the Russian for “Hitler Jr.") in Kazan. They were caught when they once again came to the bookmaker who was the victim of money extortion.

iqReOmaZSuY6fe3tPdl2.jpg All three have had priors: Gitler Mladshy, 31, an active member and the alleged son of a gang leader killed in 1993 convicted of beatings, deliberate infliction of grave bodily harm and hooliganism; Safa, 27, convicted of stealing and robbery; and Orhan, 22, convicted of robbery.

«Сафа»The Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Tatarstan reported in a press release that the gangsters repeatedly threatened their victim with physical harm and property damage soliciting 50.000 rubles each month from the businessman between June and August 2017. The gang members would say to him that his entrepreneurial activity was conducted on the territory their gang controlled. To intimidate the business owner, they boldly ruined the firm’s property. The total estimated damage to the property is about 75 thousand rubles ($1.250).

FCMQ2GpXwZaV9FIgwPyf.jpgSoon, the owner of the network of bookmakers' offices filed a statement with the police, and the extortionists were detained red-handed by the Crime Unit officers.

A criminal case was instituted under part 2 of Art. 163 (Extortion) and part 2 of Art. 213 (Hooliganism) against the criminals. In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs stressed that the gang might be involved in a number of other crimes and asked anyone who has information about this to turn to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Tatarstan.

Video: Extortionist gang wrecking bookmaker's office



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