‘Heaven-born sporting director’. Shaimiev's son returns the leader of Sevastopolskiye in Rubin  

‘Heaven-born sporting director’. Shaimiev's son returns the leader of Sevastopolskiye in Rubin
Leader of bloody gang returns to the big sport Photo: The CrimeRussia

Rustem Saymanov famous in criminal circles as Saiman, seemingly, comes back to work to football club (FC) Rubin. It will become possible thanks to active lobbying of his candidate by new president of FC Rubin Radik Shaimiev and head coach of the team Kurban Berdyev who has come back to club.

“Radik, why do you need it?”

Radik Shaimiev − Mintimer Shaimiev's son − admitted that Berdyev, in case of his appointment as the coach of Rubin, has wished to invite Rustem Saymanov to a position of the sporting director. At the same time, Shaimiev himself, is not against this candidate in spite of the fact that Saymanov's biography, to put it mildly, is not faultless: he was an active member of Sevastopolskiye group and in 2014 was released on bail.

Shaimiev and Berdyev are not concerned at all by the ‘criminal past’ of Saymanov. According to them, “Rustem – heaven-born sporting director”. Besides, Radik Shaimiev considers return of Saiman to Rubin almost decided, though the ex-leader of Sevastopolskiye allegedly wants to stand from this invention aside. But the new management insists: under the leadership of Saymanov and Berdyev Rubin two times became the champion, and, according to the eldest son Mintimer Shaimiev, it expiates all last sins.

“I heard about the person from football experts, I have got acquainted with him when he worked in Rubin, and we have recently met again. I told about my plans. And he told me: “Radik, why do you need it? Can I stand aside? You know my past”. It has touched me. I answered him: “Rustem, you have a spouse, children and grandsons. And my request to give them the chance to be proud of you. Use this chance. Start with a clean slate. And I want you and Bekiyevich to become champions. I want your daughters and granddaughters, and especially your spouse, − to be proud of you as the winner. What can be better?”, − Radik Shaimiev in one of an interview to TNV channel told about negotiations with Saymanov.

Радик Шаймиев

Radik Shaimiev

However, you should not be surprised to this friendship. Rustem Saymanov really held a post of the sporting director of FC Rubin. In the club he conducted negotiations and was responsible for financial side of transactions on acquisition of new players. The largest company of the republic TAIF which co-owner is the son of the ex-president of the republic Radik Shaimiev in 2007 allocated solid funds for strengthening of structure. Shaimiev Sr. protege Rustem Saymanov had to control process and to conduct negotiations. Sports experts attribute him successful contracts with Gökdeniz Karadeniz, Savo Milosevic and Sergey Rebrov. But in 2008 security officers have revealed Rustem Saymanov and he was arrested.

Things of past

Criminal case under part 1 Art. 209 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (creation and management of the steady armed group (gang)) was initiated against Saymanov. Moscow businessman, native of Kazan Radik Yusupov known by nickname Dragon together with Saymonov was connected to the case as the main defendant. Both of them were incriminated creation of an organized criminal group Sevastopolskiye. Charge of the organization of several murders committed in ‘dashing nineties’ were also brought to Radik Yusupov and Rustem Saymanov.

Saiman and Dragon have united in far 1994. In Kazan a peculiar union of groupings for a war against powerful OCG Zhilka, which leader was Haidar Zakirov, has been created. According to the investigators, Rustem Saymanov was one of the heads of the organized criminal group Nizy, and after creation of the union became the leader of Sevastopolskiye on an equal basis with Dragon. After uniting Nizys, he created Saiman's crew as a part of Sevastopolskiye.

Радик Юсупов

Radik Yusupov

During existence of the gang, the investigation declared, a large number of the attacks and murders which are generally connected with dismantling between Zhilka and Sevastopolskiye has been made.

In September, 2011 the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan has found Saiman guilty of murder of seven people and sentenced him to 8,5 years of imprisonment in standard regime penal colony. Charges in organization of a gang were dismissed from him “due to expiration”. Other members of Sevastopolskiye have received terms from 6 to 11 years with serving sentence in colonies of the general and high security, one more has received 8 years conditionally with a trial period of 5 years.

In March, 2014 Rustem Saymanov was released on bail. After a while it became known that he began to cooperate with football club Rostov, which was headed by the former head coach of team from the capital of Tatarstan Kurban Berdyev informally. At first it was carefully concealed, but then Saiman was noticed at the games of Rostov in the company of the former sporting director of club Alexander Shikunov. They say that he ‘settled’ some disputed issues, that is, in fact, acted at Berdyev as a ‘fixer’.

Former ‘star’ captain of Rubin Sergey Semak, also spoke well about Saymanov, he even declared that he knows him only from the best part and such people as Saymanov, should not be imprisoned.

Criminal tandem?

Saymanov's protege Kurban Berdyev headed Rubin from 2001 to 2013, his resignation was followed by scandals all over the country. On November 23, 2012 media were flown by news: Kurban Berdyev is accused of extortion of half a million euro at the midfielder of Rubin Gökhan Tere. According to the football player's lawyer, allegedly during negotiations on a transfer representatives of club demanded from Tere's managers a sum of money, a third of which had to be sent to the account, which would be specified by Berdyev.

Курбан Бердыев

Kurban Berdyev

According to the story of the agent Tere, he till the end could not believe in the possibility of a ‘kickback’ and addressed directly Berdyev, but the last directed the agent to a certain Rustem. To that Rustem Saymanov who at that moment was imprisoned. As it was approved later, there was no meeting with Turks, while the story with ‘kickbacks’ was rumpled, but Kurban Berdyev had to leave Kazan and to leave a post of the head coach. In 2014 Saymanov was released from the pre-trial detention center, and the tandem with Berdyev has again earned.

And now, apparently, Saymanov comes back to Kazan what Kurban Berdyev and Radik Shaimiev are inexpressibly glad to. As Rustam Sayakhov has reported, the CEO of FC Rubin, the contract with Kurban Berdyev is planned long-term. It was necessary only to coordinate final details. What details? Perhaps, among these specifications including Rustem Saymanov's return. Judging by conditions, which were laid down Radika Shaimieva by Kurban Berdyev, it is only a matter of time.



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