Hearing in "FSB gang" case held behind closed doors due to new defendant

Hearing in "FSB gang" case held behind closed doors due to new defendant
Photo: TASS

Konstantin Zharov could be the organizer of the raid on the bank.

A court hearing in the case of the "FSB gang" was closed from the press. This decision was made by a judge of Moscow Garrison Military Court, Konstantin Seleznev, considering the issue of electing a preventive measure for a new defendant in the case, Konstantin Zharov.

The judge explained his decision by the fact that otherwise the secrecy of the investigation about other counts of the new defendant could be divulged. The motion to close the meeting from the press was filed by a military investigator, said RBC.

According to the investigation, the former prosecutor’s office employee, Konstantin Zharov, who became the eighth defendant in the case of the “FSB gang,” took an active role in the raid. According to other data, he could be the organizer of the raid on the bank.

It is also known that he was detained later than the rest - on August 4. Moreover, Zharov has a criminal record. In 2016, he received a sentence for robbery on an especially large scale. Moreover, the crime, according to sources, was committed under similar circumstances - it was committed by people in camouflage uniforms with objects similar to machine guns. According to some reports, first Zharov received 8 years of strict regime, but then his term was reduced.

As the CrimeRussia wrote, in early July, Moscow detained fighters of FSB special divisions Alfa and Vympel, as well as employees of the K Directorate of the FSB Economic Security Service.

According to law enforcers, security officers attacked Alexander Yumaranov, who carried 136 million rubles ($2 m) to Metallurg Bank to exchange them for dollars. According to Yumaranov, he borrowed the money "from friends." A case on Robbery (part 4 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) was opened against the suspects, among whom there are FSB officers. Six defendants partially or fully admitted their guilt. An employee of the Federal Tax Service, Dmitry Chikvin, insists on his non-involvement in the crime - according to him, he only helped a friend, thinking that he was involved in a regular special operation against criminals.

Another person involved in the case, businessman Boris Karamatov, is wanted. The investigation believes that the bulk of the stolen money is on him.



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