He signed his own death warrant: killer from Gagiev's gang was removed after he had decided to kick it 

He signed his own death warrant: killer from Gagiev's gang was removed after he had decided to kick it
Aslan Gagiev

According to the ICR, the leader of the bloody gang believed that the killed killer Sergey Beglaryan may surrender him to his competitors.

Investigators are continuing to investigate crimes, committed by gang members of Aslan Gagiev - one of the largest and most violent organized crime groups in Russia. At this time it was established motives of the massacre of 45-year-old Sergey Beglaryan, who himself had belonged to the rank of Gagievskie killers. Shortly before his death, he said he wanted to retire and do business, which of course did not suit Gagiev. So Beglaryan signed his own death warrant.

About the reason for the massacre of Beglaryan detainees in the case Gagiev’s gang told. They confirmed that the victim worked for many years as a major killer of their group. A major cause of violence on him was that Beglaryan knew too much about matters of his boss. He feared that the former killer could give approximate information to other competing gangs and even lay down at stake the existing of the gang.

On the night of October 2, 2012 his jeep Toyota Land Cruiser was shot at Kronstadt Boulevard. Two killers were waiting for him at the house number 30/4. When the Beglaryan’s car appeared in the yard, they started firing from Kalashnikovs. Moreover, it is known that the wounded Beglaryan tried to leave, but he crashed into a parked car, where he was again caught by the killers, who firing about a hundred bullets. Beglaryan died on the spot.


The shot-out Beglaryan’s car

Investigators said that killers acted so harshly because of the fear of the slain, or wanting to make a demonstrative murder.

During a search in the apartment of Sergey Beglaryan investigators found a weapon caches, among them find the Stechkin gun, Makarov pistol, grenade and a large quantity of ammunition.

Previously, the CrimeRussia published materials of the criminal case, which was described the massacre on Beglaryan. Our informed source said that Beglaryan was a friend of the recently known to the whole Russia Krasnogorsk arrow Amiran Giorgadze. According to an official statement of the Investigative Committee Giorgadze was dealt with Krasnogorsk officials like a gangster, with both hands - it is possible that a professional mercenary could teach Giorgadze how to use weapons.



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