Group of fake riot policemen robbing wealthy Muscovites captured in Moscow

Group of fake riot policemen robbing wealthy Muscovites captured in Moscow
One of three arrested fake riot policemen

In Moscow, SOBR special police officers have detained a group of robbers who pretended to be riot policemen.

Fake policemen would attack citizens who looked wealthy, and strip them of expensive smart phones and accessories. For example, they took away iPhone 7 and a Louis Vuitton briefcase with a purse from one of the victims.

SOBR and GUUR special police officers managed to detain three natives of Ingushetia the other day. The men would pose as riot policemen, approach their victims, selected according to the availability of branded items, and ask to provide their belongings for inspection. After citizens gave them their bags for inspection, the attackers would flee the scene in a car taking the stolen things.

Law enforcement agencies managed to arrest the bandits a few days ago. They had committed another attack on a man, and were caught only a few minutes later. The incident occurred in Vnukovsky village to the east of Moscow. It has been preliminary found that the criminals had introduced themselves to the man as law enforcement officers, and then began threatening him with a gun. After robbing the victim, they tried to escape in two vehicles, but were detained by police a few minutes later.

Law enforcement bodies are currently trying to identify all the victims of the group. As for the detainees, interrogation revealed the following: they did not sell the loot, but use it for personal purposes, showing their expensive watches and phones off in front of relatives and friends, as well as posting photos against the background of luxury cars in their social networks. Thus they tried to demonstrate their success and create an image of respectable and successful businessmen.



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