Group of extortioners kept Saratov in fear

Group of extortioners kept Saratov in fear
Detention of members of a criminal group Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Saratov Region

Law enforcement authorities note that the detained members of a criminal group are known in narrow circles.

Members of the criminal group that was engaged in extortion in Saratov kept the whole city in fear, it is reported in the video published by the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Two of the malefactors were detained in Marks, the third, expected leader of the criminal group - in the regional center. At the same time, the last, as it is said in a plot, is a personality widely known in narrow circles.

“According to the available information, two participants of the group could show armed resistance to field investigators of criminal investigation department and Federal Troop's fighters. The suspects of extortion kept the whole city in fear. Threatening the victims and applying violence, malefactors demanded from them considerable sums of money”, press service of the department told.

It is remarkable that the intimidated victims did not contact the police. According to preliminary data, in October, 2015 one of the victims was beaten in a car by two malefactors, who demanded 15 thousand rubles ($249) from him. In May, 2016 three members of the organized criminal group demanded 600 thousand rubles ($9,9 thousand) from another citizen, threatening with violence. A year later they extorted 125 thousand rubles ($2 thousand) from a third man.



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