Marbella owner Grinberg complains on hunger and thirst in Spanish prison

Marbella owner Grinberg complains on hunger and thirst in Spanish prison
Secretary of the club Claudio Hernandez, president Alexander Grinberg and vice-president Herman Pastushenko

The arrested over connections with Russian Mafia businessman said that he was not given water for 10 hours.

Owner of football club Marbella Alexander Grinberg told about ‘humiliating’ conditions in a Spanish prison. According to the businessman, he was not given water and food for 10 hours.

Besides, according to a partner of the businessman, Pavel Alyoshin, Grinberg’s wife told him that she is not allowed to meet her husband and transfer him things, “even clothes”.

“What happened to Alexander, could easily happen to me, it is just that I am not a media person. Charges themselves [against Grinberg] are simply senseless. I know what Sasha was doing throughout his life, all his businesses, how he scrupulously treats it”, Alyoshin told RBC.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, the court in Marbella left defendants of the Russian Mafia case under arrest, including Alexander Grinberg and Arnold Spivakovsky. They are accused of connections with organized crime – Solntsevskaya and Izmaylovskaya organized criminal groups. The investigation assumes that detainees have organized a scheme of laundering of criminal income, including, through football club of Grinberg – Marbella. By preliminary estimate, defendants managed to launder about 30 million euros.



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