Greece extradites Aslan Gagiev's ally

Greece extradites Aslan Gagiev's ally
Arthur Dzhioev

Arthur Dzhioev personally took part in at least 5 murders.

Greece extradites Arthur Dzhioev, one of the leaders of the Aslan Gagiev's criminal group involved in murders of over 60 people in Russia. Now the gang member is taken into custody and will be transferred to Russia. It is reported by official representative of the Investigative Committee Svetlana Petrenko.

Dzhioev was detained by law enforcement agencies of Greece in 2015. During the investigation of the case it was found out that Dzhioev was one of the leaders of the bloody gang. The detainee was the closest assistant to the leader, his 'right hand'. He was in charge of the gang management, orders and its activities coordination. In addition, it is known that Arthur Dzhioev killed at least 5 people.

Investigator of the Northern Investigation Department of the Moscow Interregional Investigation Department of the ICR on Transport Alexander Leonov, deputy prosecutor of the Industrial District of Vladikavkaz Oleg Oziev and several other persons were killed by Dzhioev.

Recall, the criminal group of Aslan Gagiev nicknamed Dzhako was formed in 2004. It included about 50 participants and carried out its activities on the territory of Moscow, Moscow region and North Ossetia. The gang committed 49 crimes, including at least 60 contract killings. Siloviki, businessmen and officials became victims of the gang.

About twenty members of the gang had already received long terms of imprisonment, two received life imprisonment. Leader of the gang Gagiev was detained in Austria in 2015. Only in 2017 the court granted a request for his extradition to Russia, but Gagiev has not been extradited so far.



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