Germany: Main witness in East European Mafia’s case receives death threats

Germany: Main witness in East European Mafia’s case receives death threats
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His family members also receive threats.

In Dresden, Germany, a trial of the case of East European Mafia is held.

A key witness in the case was questioned in the courtroom. He was accompanied by several armed law enforcement officers. The 34-year-old native of Chechnya testified against members of the organized criminal group consisting of citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Macedonia.

The mobsters are accused of extortion, beatings, illegal arms carrying, trade and possession of drugs. According to investigation, the interrogated witness was engaged in distribution of drugs. Being drug-addicted, he was doing it for a "dose. The witness had to pay a kind of a sales tax to a native of the Czech Republic.

The witness also told that in 2015 the mobsters broke into his house, beat him for selling poor-quality goods, and made him their debtor.

When the man returned to his homeland, to Russia, the mobsters started writing letters with threats to his mother. The judge confirmed this fact, as on the eve of the court hearing someone sent a witness's mother a message threatening her with death.

Now a question of including the man in the witness protection program is under consideration.

According to Kavkaz.Realii, on November 15, consideration of the cases against another three mobsters from the East European Mafia will be held.



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