German government notes increased activity of ‘Armenian mafia’ in country

German government notes increased activity of ‘Armenian mafia’ in country

This is stated in the response to the parliamentary request of the political party Alternative for Germany.

In response to the parliamentary request of the right and the third-largest Bundestag Party Alternative for Germany, the German government also mentioned the activities of representatives of the Armenian organized crime in the country, Vestnik Kavkaza reports.

The Federal Republic of Germany is considering OCGs consisting of ethnic Armenians in the wider context of Russian-Eurasian organized crime, the document says. At the same time, Armenian mafia structures rank 4th in the number of criminal cases initiated against them in the fight against representatives of the 'Russian-Eurasian' organized crime in 2017. The first three are occupied respectively by citizens of Russia, Germany itself, and Lithuania.

The government report also notes that the most active Armenian criminal groups are in the north and east of the country. In addition, the Government of Germany is aware of individual cases of cooperation between Armenian criminal groups and the Italian mafia, as previously reported by The CrimeRussia.

Recall that in early November 2018, Der Spiegel and the MDR television company, citing the report of the Federal Criminal Police Office, published the results of a joint investigative journalistic report on the activities of Armenian mafia structures in Germany. The materials are the result of a four-year investigation that began after a wide public response resonated in a shootout between two Armenian groups in Erfurt in 2014.

After this incident, the Federal Criminal Police Office, the German intelligence agency BND, separate German land police agencies and Europol launched an investigation called The FATIL project – Fight against thieves in law, because in the opinion of the German law enforcement officers representatives of the criminal Armenian elites control Armenian ethnic organized criminal groups of the federal state of Thuringia and other regions of the republic.

Armenian Ambassador to Germany Ashot Smbatyan, with whom the federal police department was not recommended to cooperate, was mentioned in the investigation report. The police report cited the possible merging of state and diplomatic structures of Armenia with thieves in law as the reason for such a mistrust, and the federal intelligence service of Germany allegedly personally suspected Smbatyan of smuggling and organizing illegal migration in 2008.

Ashot Smbatyan called these accusations absurd, demanded refutations from journalists and sued the TV channel. After that, the court of Berlin banned the newspaper Spiegel and the TV company Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk to distribute unreasonable statements about the Armenian ambassador to Germany. Representatives of the German public television, in turn, have already declared that they are ready for a full-fledged trial and will seek to lift the ban in court.



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