Georgian mafia shakes quiet Tallinn 

Georgian mafia shakes quiet Tallinn
Tallinn is obviously not used to shootings in city center Photo: DELFI

It looks like someone has decided to take the place of the late Estonian ‘godfather’.

There was a skirmish in the center of Tallinn yesterday. As reported by Estonian DELFI, the shootings started at Metropol Hotel and a man got wounded in the leg. The wound is not thought to be life-threatening. Police arrived at the scene at once, but the gunman of about 50 and his two companions managed to escape. As stated by Urmet Tambre, the Põhja-Tallinn Prefecture Director of Criminal Investigation Service, the victim was a certain Igor aged 45, who was the right-hand man of local gang leader Ahmed. His men stay a lot in the hotel and were there that night.

Searching for fingerprints at the crime scene

Searching for fingerprints at the crime scene

Eesti Päevaleht newspaper claimed that Georgian thieves in law were the attackers. The case can be regarded as nothing other than an attempt to seize power in Estonia’s underworld.

Nikolai Tarankov

The remarkable thing is that in September 2016 local crime boss Nikolai Tarankov that would not let any foreign clans into the country was killed. Elmar Vaher, Police and Border Guard Director General confirmed Tarankov’s death had something to do with the incident since the crime boss had been able to pacify the mobsters that would try to resolve issues by force. No one has replaced him so far.

At the same time, the Central Criminal Police spokesman Ago Leis emphasized that both the security forces and the local criminals would stand against any attempt to change the current situation in the country.



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