Georgian criminal group detained in Spain worked under "thieve’s in law" guidance

Georgian criminal group detained in Spain worked under "thieve’s in law" guidance
Photo: El Mundo

Burglars mainly "worked" in elite suburbs such as the Carabanchel and the Fuenlabrada.

Not much time ago, a huge special operation was handled in Tarragona to detain "Russian mafia" connected with two major Russian organized criminal groups - "Tambovskaya" and "Taganskaya". Official sources report that six Russians, one Ukrainian and one Spanish lawyer were detained during the operation. Spanish government contends that all of these people are closely connected to Russian organized criminal actions and legalize their illicit assets abroad. 

After "Russian mafia" detention it was known that not only mentioned people were arrested but also 191 real estate items situated on Catalan Coast, dozens of legal entities and 142 bank accounts. Spanish law enforcement supposes that "Russian mafia" whitewashed their assets by means of buying out trophy cottages and apartments for fake borrowings. Newspaper El Mundo reported about connections between the detained people and Columbian drug cartel as well as about their connections with some "affluent" people from Moscow. 

Noticeable that during another covert operation 18 Georgians - members of major burglars group - were arrested at once and that happened the same day. The Georgians are suspected in committing more than 40 burglaries over the period of the last two months. Mainly, they "worked" in elite suburbs such as Carabanchel and Fuenlabrada. Spanish law enforcement already said that the organized criminal group was leaded by the "thieve in law", however, his name was kept in secret. 

If these arrests are connected with the operation in Tarragona or not is not clear yet. 

The CrimeRussia will follow the development of the situation.



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