General Shamanov and Lokomotiv coach Syomin suspected of having ties to Solntsevskaya gang 

General Shamanov and Lokomotiv coach Syomin suspected of having ties to Solntsevskaya gang
Photo: The Insider

Evidence of Solntsevskie leaders’ acquaintance with State Duma deputy and Hero of Russia Vladimir Shamanov and Lokomotiv trainer Yury Syomin was photos of them together, obtained by Spanish investigators from the smartphone of one of the gang leaders Arnold Spivakovsky (Tamm), who was arrested in the Costa del Sol last year in the framework of the police operation dubbed Oligarch.

The Insider publication obtained the materials of the Spanish investigation into money laundering by Solntsevskaya and Izmaylovskaya gangs, in which in September 2017 the Spanish Civil Guard detained 11 Russians, four of whom then spent six months in jail.

Among them, along with the owner of football club Marbella, Alexander Grinberg, business people Oleg Kuznetsov and Sergey Dozhdev, was senior executive of Russian investment group AFK Sistema OJSC, former General Director of Kosmos Group of Companies OJSC and ex-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intourist Arnold Arnoldovich Spivakovsky, since the 1990s known to Interpol as one of the leaders of Solntsevskaya crime group Arnold Tamm.

In January 2018, all the arrested were released from prison one after another on bail worth 750 thousand euros without the right to leave the country for the period of investigation, but the Spanish gendarmes during the investigation got a few interesting pictures from the smartphone of Spivakovsky, known as the closest aide to the alleged leader of Solntsevskaya, Sergey Mikhaylov (Mikhas).


Sergey Mikhailov and Arnold Tamm

They suggest that the chief coach of capital football club Lokomotiv, Yury Syomin, and State Duma deputy Vladimir Shamanov are at least on friendly terms with the leaders of Solntsevskaya gang Sergey Mikhailov, known as Mikhas, and Viktor Averin (Avera).


Mikhas (to the left), Shamanov (in the center) and Syomin (to the right)

It is assumed that the photos were taken in five-star Lotte Hotel in Moscow during some celebration, organized by Solntsevskaya.

Also, the phone of Arnold Spivakovsky also had a recent photo of the "The Brainy Don," Semyon Mogilevich, whom the law enforcement agencies of the United States and the European Union consider "the boss of bosses" of the majority of Russian-Ukrainian mafia syndicates in the world.

As reported by The Insider, neither Syomin nor Shamanov explained the circumstances under which the picture had been taken, refusing to comment. That said, the media outlet reminds that the chief coach of Loko was spotted with another person known in the criminal world - thief in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan), now taking the place of the number one crime boss of the country, Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), who is imprisoned.

The circumcriminal history also involves former commander of the airborne troops Vladimir Shamanov. In 2009, he sent two groups of special forces officers to stop investigators that intended to search factory Sporttek, owned by his former son-in-law, the leader of Tatarskie crime group, Alexey Khramushin (Glyba). On this fact, the Ministry of Defense conducted an internal inquiry and even reprimanded the commander for incompetent performance.

In 2011, the Moscow Regional Court sentenced Khramushin’s brother Andrey to 10 years in prison on charges of committing grave crimes as part of an organized criminal group. Glyba himself, accused of orchestrating contract killings, managed to escape and since then he has been on the international wanted list.


The papers of the preliminary investigation into Solntsevskaya gang’ case in Spain note that Solntsevskaya managed to win the battle against other crime groups from the former USSR due to the fact that the majority of its members did not hail from the criminal environment but had served in the Soviet Army before, or had been employees with security and intelligence services. Also, many members of the gang used to do sports.

Notably, recently Solntsevskaya began to be engaged in active clearing of their reputation. Since 2016, France has been conducting an investigation against the DGSI former intelligence chief, Bernard Squarcini, who is suspected of corruption - during his stint in the special service, member of the State Duma Andrey Skotch, noted there as a member of Solntsevskaya, disappeared from the DGSI card index. Sergey Mikhailov, using the right to oblivion, forced Russian Internet search engines through the court to remove most of the mentions of him in connection with Solntsevskaya gang.



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