Gang of Lenkoransky’s supporters to be tried for 17 crime episodes and $24k damage 

Gang of Lenkoransky’s supporters to be tried for 17 crime episodes and $24k damage
Rovshan Dzhaniev

Certain details have become known about the armed robberies and extortion committed by members of the Nizhny Tagil ethnic crime group.

Members of the group, who were part of the late thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev’s (Rovshan Lenkoransky) clan, will soon be tried. The detainees to be brought to trial are Telman Valiev, whom the investigation believes to be the leader of the OCG, Asim Abbasov, Okhran Muradov, Maskal Vidak, Denis Gaev, Mikhail Allakhveranov, Nemat Abdulaliev, Emil Igidov, Khydyr Gadzhieva, Isa Abilov, his brother Il’kin Abilov, Roman Len’kov, and Eduard Traksel. They are charged with Art. 209 (Banditry), Art. 163 (Extortion), Art. 162 (Robbery), Art. 222 (Illegal Trafficking of Firearms and Ammunition), Art. 325 (Theft of Important Personal Document), Art. 119 (Threat of Murder), Art. 139 (Violation of the Inviolability of the Home), and Art. 112 (Intentional Infliction of Injury to Health of Average Gravity) of the Russian Criminal Code.

The Azerbaijani ethnic group operated in Nizhny Tagil and Verkhnyaya Salda under the leadership of Telman Valiev in 2015–2016. Most of the gang members lived in Leninsky and Tagilstroevsky district of Nizhny Tagil.

The gang is accountable for a total of 17 crime episodes. The total damage from its crimes is estimated at 1.5 million rubles ($24 thousand). According to, as a rule, victims were people who had problems with the law or those whose business was on the margins of the law.

Задержание банды Абилова (фото пресс-службы ГУ МВД по Свердловской области) Задержание банды Абилова (фото пресс-службы ГУ МВД по Свердловской области) Задержание банды Абилова (фото пресс-службы ГУ МВД по Свердловской области)

Members of Abilov’s OCG getting detained (picture by MIA Main Directorate in the Sverdlovsk region)

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The first victim of the criminals was a resident of Nizhny Tagil, Nikolaev. In the summer of 2015, he bought a VAZ-2110 for 100 thousand rubles ($1615), but paid only 76 thousand ($1227), promising to give the rest of the money later. October 21, Valiev’s accomplices captured Nikolaev and threw him into a BMW. Allakhveranov punched the victim in the face and demanded to pay a ‘penalty’ for the car. An object imitating a pistol was pointed at Nikolaev, after which he agreed to give the money. However, law enforcers detained him two days later on suspicion of Unlawful Occupancy of a Transport Vehicle (part 1 of Art. 166 of the Russian Criminal Code), and he was later convicted. 

About six months later, in May 2016, members of Valiev’s gang beat up a certain Vinokurov, who had stolen a radar detector from the car of a resident the day before. Owing to his lifestyle, the car owner did not appeal to the police, but asked for Valiev’s help instead. Vinokurov was demanded to pay a compensation of 30 thousand rubles ($484). He could give only 10 thousand rubles ($161) to the extortionists, after which he was convicted under part 2 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling) and was sent to a colony. 

A few days later, Valiev's group broke into the place of previously convicted Skripnik, who had sold the apartment shortly before. The bandits assumed that the seller had money. After Allakhveranov severely beat Skripnik, the latter agreed to withdraw 100 thousand rubles from his account and hand the money over to the attackers through his friend Agaev.

Later, Agaev and his friend Neyvirt themselves became the victims of the criminals. They unofficially dealt with purchase and sale of real estate in Nizhny Tagil. Gangsters beat Neyvirt and Agaev several times, requiring them to transfer 800 thousand rubles ($12,923) of a fictitious debt. Later, Agaev was required to give his BMW 745 as partial payment of the debt. After several attacks, “fearing further violence against him,” Neyvirt agreed to hand over one of the apartments that belonged to him to the bandits.

Video: Abilov’s gang detention

The offenders failed to get this property, as law enforcers defeated the gang in August 2016. First, officers of the Organized Crime Investigation Division of the MIA Main Directorate in the Sverdlovsk region backed by SOBR soldiers detained 30 men suspected of involvement in the group’s activities. The last detention took place in the spring of 2017. Homemade firearms and cars illegally taken from citizens were confiscated from the bandits. It is noteworthy that at that time, in August 2016, unknown people shot Rovshan Lenkoransky in Istanbul. After that, control in the Sverdlovsk region was established by another thief in law, Nadir Salifov (aka Guli).

According to the investigation, a total of 14 people have suffered from the actions of Valiev's accomplices. It is noted that not all members of the gang are currently in the dock. The investigation has separated several criminal cases from other charges against unidentified accomplices in crimes.



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