Gambino crime boss killed in New York

Gambino crime boss killed in New York
Francesco Cali Photo: RBC

Francesco Cali was shot near his home in the Staten Island, New York. The Gambino family, which he allegedly headed, is one of the five largest Italian-American mafia clans in the region.

In New York, 53-year-old Francesco Cali, aka Franky Boy, was shot dead. Reuters and Fox News call him a gangster and the alleged leader of one of the largest mafia clans in New York - the Gambino family.

The man was killed the night before right in front of his house in Staten Island. Sources of the New York Post in law enforcement clarify that Cali was injured at least six or seven times, and after his body was knocked down by blue pickup truck, the shooter was behind the wheel. Subsequently, Cali was hospitalized at Staten Island University Hospital, where doctors ascertained his death.

NBC News notes that the police are going to clarify the circumstances of the incident, police officers are looking for the perpetrator of the crime. There were no arrests after the assassination of Cali.

As Reuters notes, the Gambino criminal clan is one of the five largest Italian-American mafia families in New York. The charges against the members of the Gambino family cover murder, robbery, gambling, and drug trafficking.

In 2008, Cali was among 62 people who were arrested on charges of racketeering, the New York Daily reported. He later pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit extortion. In this case, Cali served a 16-month prison sentence. In 2015, according to the publication, he led the Gambino clan, replacing 68-year-old Domenico Cefalu. Since then, Cali has been considered as a “unifying figure.” He attracted new "immigrant gangsters from Italy" and launched the trade in heroin and oxytocin.

Also, according to PIX 11, Cali had roots in Sicily and was associated with the local mafia. The murder of the criminal authority of this level in New York was the first killing since 1985, the channel said. Then, Paul Castellano, who led the Gambino family, was killed in Manhattan.

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