Gagiev's gang lawyer Galstuk tried to remove Ossetian police leadership from their posts for $2.5 mln

Gagiev's gang lawyer Galstuk tried to remove Ossetian police leadership from their posts for $2.5 mln
Aslan Gagiev

Arkady Gabalov commissioned by the leader of the group of killers organized a resignation of the Interior Minister of North Ossetia and his deputy. In their place there were to come policemen, loyal to the OCG.

More details of the criminal case upon former investigator and staff attorney of the Gagiev’s gang Arkady Gabalov, nicknamed Galstuk, appeared. According to Kommersant, now convicted of participating in a criminal group Gabalov tried to remove from position Minister of Internal Affairs of North Ossetia Arthur Ahmethanov and one of his deputies.

From the materials of the criminal case it follows that senior police officers have become unwanted to the gang in 2013 after law enforcement officers sent to jail some participants og Aslan Gagiev’s gang (Dzhako). To prevent further hunting on members of the criminal community, their leader gave Gabalov order to do everything possible that Ahmethanov and his deputy lost their jobs. In the future, the gang planned to push loyal to their gang people on the AMIA leadership positions in North Ossetia. Arkady Gabalov went to Moscow to fulfill the order. In the capital, the gang’s staff attorney met with a retired MIA General. The officer was offered $ 2.5 million for the fact that he organized problems to a leadership of the Ossetian Police, which would lead to their resignation, through the MIA Central Board. After several meetings in cafes and restaurants of the capital Gabalov handed the General money and a list of senior officers that the gang would like to see the post of Minister and his deputy. However, later it turned out that 2.5 million dollars was handed not the MIA General, but the usual swindler, who had nothing to do with law enforcement agencies. This man is wanted by the police and members of the OCG. Despite the fact that it was not possible to arrange a retirement of Ahmethanov, at the end of 2015, he nevertheless left the post after during the process of interrogation a detainee died in the police department of Vladikavkaz.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Arkady Gabalov (Galstuk) joined the Gagiev’s band in 2010 (after the dismissal from the Prosecutor’s Office); he acted as the ‘lawyer’, whose task was to sort out the gang’s problems with the law. Using the old relations, he cooperated with law enforcement authorities in North Ossetia, as well as Moscow and Moscow region. Passing through intermediaries large sums of money to the police, he received information about the investigation against members of the gang. Despite the fact that Galstuk signed a pre-trial agreement in December 2016, the court sentenced him to 6.5 years of imprisonment in a general regime penal colony. Considering the punishment too harsh, Galstuk appealed to the Moscow City Court, but it left the decision of first instance in force.

As for the leader of the gang of killers Aslan Gagiev, according to our data, in the near future he will be extradited to Russia from Austria. The ringleader of the OCG is charged with organizing 60 murders, as well as an episode of fraud. According to investigators, in August 2007, FLK and LLC FLK-Komplekt signed an agreement under which the company acquired 25 Il-114 aircrafts. However, FLK- Komplekt immediately transferred money to Gagiev’s account.



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