Fugitive Russian criminal taken to Russia from Thailand 

Fugitive Russian criminal taken to Russia from Thailand
Anatoly Samodov (left) and Andrey Dzyatkovsky

Previously, the runaway criminal had been extradited from Thailand to Moscow.

Yesterday, an active member of Penya OCG headed by ex-Deputy of the City Regional Assembly Aleksey Peunkov, 56-year-old Anatoly Samodov was taken to Arkhangelsk. 

Samodov had been internationally wanted since 2013. Last week, he was extradited from Thailand to Moscow, and then handed over to Arkhangelsk law enforcers for investigative actions.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Anatoly Samodov was a member of Aleksey Peunkov's OCG from 2009 to 2013. In Arkhangelsk, the gang cornered the construction sand market and forced entrepreneurs to conclude contracts for construction materials purchase exclusively through structures controlled by the crime community.

After criminal proceedings were instituted against the OCG members, Samodov managed to escape. The investigation in absentia brought charges against him for seven episodes of coercion to commit transactions. 

The ICR for the Arkhangelsk region and the regional MIA and the FSB are responsible for the investigation into the criminal case.



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