FSB unit Alpha head discharged

FSB unit Alpha head discharged
Valery Kanakin

The President of the International Association of Veterans of the Anti-Terrorist Unit expressed the view that Kanakin's dismissal was not connected with the arrest of employees of the special unit in a robbery case.

Valery Kanakin, Head of the special unit Alpha of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation was dismissed from his post, Honorary President of the International Association of Veterans of the Anti-Terrorist Unit, Sergey Goncharov, told Interfax.

At the same time, in his opinion, the discharge of Kanakin is not related to the detention of several employees of the special unit on suspicion of robbery. According to Goncharov, after the dismissal, Valery Kanakin became President of the Veterans Association of the special unit. The President reportedly signed the decree on Kanakin's dismissal back in May.

Colonel Kirill Kurnosov has been appointed acting commander of Directorate A of the FSB Special Operations Center.

Valery Kanakin has worked at Alpha since 1984 and has the title of Hero of Russia. He participated in hostage-release operations at the Dubrovka Theater Center in Moscow and at the Beslan school. He took the helm of Alpha in 2014.

Earlier, Moscow Garrison Military Court arrested five FSB officers. Two more were placed under house arrest. A case was filed under the article Robbery committed by an organized group on an especially large scale. All the defendants are employees of the special units Alpha and Vympel, as well as Directorate K of the FSB of Russia. Later, the number of defendants in the criminal case increased to 15 people. Yesterday, it became known about 30 suspects. The robbery, which the security officers are accused of, affected the citizens of China working in retail complex Sadovod. Investigators suspect that the siloviki stole about 140 million rubles ($2.2 m) from the cash-out site they 'covered' themselves under the guise of operational activities.




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