FSB searches Chekhov administration in connection with crime lord Pavlin’s case 

FSB searches Chekhov administration in connection with crime lord Pavlin’s case
Nikolay Pavlinov

The investigation believes that the officials acted as part of an OCG.

This morning, FSB and MIA officers raided the administration of the Chekhov district in the case of theft of special-purpose lands. This is reported by RBC referring to sources in the ICR.

It concerns the lands of military units of the Chekhov district, which were illegally reassigned another category of land and resold.

It is known that siloviki searched the offices on the second and third floors of the building. That is where the offices of Head of the Chekhov district Marina Kononova and her deputies are located, as well as that of the district architecture committee. As a result, various documentation has been withdrawn, as well as electronic media necessary for the investigation.

Андрей Большаков (Фото-Сергеи Мамонтов/РИА Новости)

Andrey Bolshakov

To recall, previously, a criminal case against the gangland businessman Nikolay Pavlinov and his accomplices accused of Organization of a Criminal Community and Participation Therein (part 1, part 2, and part 3 of Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code), Swindling (part 4 of Art. 159), as well as Legalization of Property Acquired as a Result of a Crime (item ‘a’ and ‘b’ part 4 of Art. 228.1) was previously referred to the Chekhov City Court.

According to the investigation, starting from 2011, the gang managed to appropriate land, buildings and structures owned by the Russian Federation, as well as the Chekhov district of the Moscow region in the amount of almost 300 million rubles ($4.7 million) in five years. Now in these territories there are offices of commercial companies and industrial production.

Apart from Pavlinov, five members of the OCG will face justice. It is known that real estate agents, businessmen, as well as employees of the Federal Registration Service and the cadastral chamber were involved in criminal schemes. It was previously reported that in total, there were 12 defendants in the case, inclduing former heads of the Chekhov district — Sergey Yudin and Anatoly Chibeskov. They are currently under house arrest and testify in the case of an organized criminal community. Pavlinov has not made a plea deal.  

Another high-ranking suspect is Chekhov-3 Military Unit Commander Andrey Vasilenko. 

Source within the Investigative Committee of Russia told that the investigation theory is that Vasilenko and unidentified persons bought 9 land properties and 2 buildings and managed to legalize the land properties worth of 60 million rubles ($940 thousand).

Representative of Chekhov Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrey Bolshakov and his subordinates are being checked for involvement in organized crime groups. In late January, this year, Moscow’s Babushkinsky court imposed a ban on certain actions towards him. Earlier, Bolshakov was detained on suspicion of ammunition trafficking (item 1 of article 222 of Russia’s Criminal Code). Combat pistol with filed off numbers was found in the police officer’s garage.

61-year-old Pavlinov was detained by the Federal Security Service officers in August, 2017, in Chekhov. Once, Pavlin (aka Kolya) was an active member of Podolskaya organized crime group. He controlled activity of many organizations, including a chain of sports clubs Vityaz where famous boxers Denis Lebedev and Aleksander Povetkin trained. The professional athletes even visited Moscow’s Babushkinsky court to support their patron in August, 2017 when his measure of restraint was being chosen.

Oleg Strekalov

Oleg Strekalov

At the present time, Pavlinov’s assistant Oleg Strekalov is put on an international wanted list. The investigation theory is that he took part in illegal registration of land properties. CrimeRussia found him in the U.S. where he bought a huge house.

Earlier, RBC with reference to its sources within the Investigative Committee of Russia reported that the members of the organized crime group contacted the Chekhov branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Federal Cadastral Chamber of Rosreestr with an application to register the information on the land property. Faked old-pattern document was attached to the application. After it was put on the cadastre system, the suspects applied for the Chekhov branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution. When all the documents were formally established, the land property was sold to assumed names. With that, its positive history was formed. After that, it was put on the property market. Land properties of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Forestry were prepared for sale through this scheme. 



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