FSB officers detain first deputy head of Chekhov administration

FSB officers detain first deputy head of Chekhov administration
Dmitry Frish Photo: RBC

Dmitry Frish, who was responsible for interaction with the security forces and domestic policy, was detained after the searches in the city district administration.

FSB operatives have detained First Deputy Head of the Chekhov City District Administration, Dmitry Frish, RBC reports referring to the Investigative Committee. A source close to the district administration confirmed this information.

According to the publication’s source, Frish was detained after a search a short talk in his office. 

Dmitry Frish is responsible for general issues, including interaction with law enforcement agencies and internal policies. In the part, the official held a post in the criminal investigation department of one of the regions of the Russian Federation.  

The Chekhov City District Administration was raided on March 21. It was reported that the investigative actions were related to the case of theft of special-purpose lands. It concerns the lands of military units of the Chekhov district, which were illegally reassigned another category of land and later resold. 

Previously, a criminal case against the gangland businessman Nikolay Pavlinov and his accomplices accused of Organization of a Criminal Community and Participation Therein (part 1, and part 2 of Art. 210), Swindling on an Especially Large Scale (part 4 of Art. 159), as well as Legalization of Property Acquired as a Result of a Crime (item ‘a’ and ‘b’ part 4 of Art. 228.1) was previously referred to the Chekhov City Court. 

According to the investigation, from 2011 to 2016, the gang managed to appropriate land, buildings and structures owned by the state in the amount of almost 300 million rubles ($4.7 million). Now in these territories there are offices of commercial companies and industrial production. 

Pavlinov was detained by FSB officers in Checkhov in August 2017. In the past, the businessman was a member of the Podolsk OCG. As part of the group, he took control of a number of organizations, including the Vityaz sports club network, in which famous boxers Aleksandr Povetkin and Denis Lebedev trained.



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