FSB officer accused of robbery admitted guilt

FSB officer accused of robbery admitted guilt

Artur Vlasov has asked a court to transfer him under house arrest, claiming that he actively cooperates with investigators.

Artur Vlasov, an officer of the K Directorate of the FSB Economic Security Service arrested on charges of Robbery (part 4 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), has asked Moscow District Court to release him from custody and place under house arrest. As an argument, Vlasov cited the fact that he actively cooperated with the investigation, fully admitted his guilt and had already written a confession.

"If I wanted to hide from the investigation, I would not go to work," Vlasov said in court.

A lawyer of the FSB officer asked the court to attach documents on Vlasov's awarding with the medal The 100th anniversary of the state security bodies to the case papers, RBC writes.

Moscow District Military Court, apparently, considered the arguments of Vlasov unconvincing and declined to soften the measure of restraint. The court stressed that the charges against Vlasov are very serious. In particular, he is charged with participating in a robbery attack on Muscovite Alexander Yumaranov, who was trying to exchange 136.5 million rubles ($2.1 m) for US dollars, committed by a group of special service officers.

During the trial, it also became known that another defendant in the case, officer of the Special Operations Center of the FSB Margiyev, who was placed under house arrest by Moscow Garrison Military Court, turned himself in.

As The CrimeRussia wrote, the FSB officers were detained on July 4. Among them are officers of the Alpha special forces division, an employee of the Vympel special purpose group and two officers of the K Directorate (Bank Department) of the FSB. In total, seven people have been arrested.



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