FSB internal investigation dept staff suspected of complicity in a forcible takeover of a bank

FSB internal investigation dept staff suspected of complicity in a forcible takeover of a bank

According to sources in the security forces, a background check is being conducted regarding large group of FSB officers and special forces soldiers.

After the arrest of a group of FSB officers on suspicion of robbery, employees of FSB internal investigation dept have also become the subject of inspection, Rosbalt reports, citing sources in the security forces.

“The check is carried out in relation to several people from the IID (internal investigation department). However, the investigation covers a fairly large group of FSB officers and special forces soldiers. In fact, this is not an investigation into robbery, but one into a business of protection racket services provided to underground bankers and banks. But this does not mean that those checked will be brought to criminal liability. It might be just about employment choices,” said the agency’s source.

According to a Rosbalt source, IID employees are suspected of cooperating with the “K” Department to provide a whole range of services to tax evaders. Among them was not only a FSB cover, but also safe financial flows, both cash and non-cash. Security officers of Alfa and Vympel divisions allegedly ensured safety during the transportation of large sums.

The source said that over time, disruptions began to occur in the FSB’s shadow business. After transferring from one unit to another, some of the employees turned out to be cut off from the cash flows of the tax evaders. Some refused to cooperate after the transfer of employees from specialized units. In addition, several large underground bankers got arrested.

“At some point, some of the employees who considered themselves injured due to a huge reduction in financial revenues, got an idea to start attacking the cashing sites and attracted those Alfa and Vympel guys as perpetrators," said the Rosbalt source.

Earlier, the agency reported that the soldiers were involved in searches, during which huge sums were seized. For example, after searches at the “billionaire colonel” Dmitry Zakharchenko’s (8 billion rubles seized) and the houses of three former and current colonels of the “K” department of the FSB (12 million rubles seized), large sums of money disappeared. According to one of the theories, the special forces soldiers took it out by hiding it in body armor, from which the metal plates had been removed in advance.

According to the sources, the employees of Alfa and Vympel participated in “informal events” where they broke into cashing sites acting like it was a search and “seized” large sums. The Rosbalt source notes that there could have been several takeovers like that.

“We need to take into account the high latency of such crimes. All the money was "grey", the business was an underground one, so they were too afraid to report it,” the agency’s source said. Perhaps it is the reason there is only one count in the case.

Earlier it was reported that five FSB officers suspected of robbery had been arrested. Two more were placed under house arrest. Subsequently, the number of defendants has increased to 15 people. Those arrested are checked for involvement in other crimes.



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