FSB eliminated large inter-regional gang of arms dealers 

FSB eliminated large inter-regional gang of arms dealers

Criminals are not only resold weapons and ammunition, but also prepared themselves arms in bulk.

The Federal Security Service has eliminated the large inter-regional gang of arms dealers with the store in the Tver region.

The special operation, in which the Interior Ministry of Russia was also involved, was held simultaneously in the main gang's center near Tver and in regions, where the gang has representatives involved in the sale, purchase and modernization of weapons and ammunition. According to the FSB site, 54 searches were conducted in 24 Russian regions. During the operation, there were eliminated 8 clandestine plants for the production of ammunition and weapon's upgrades.

Direct organizers of a criminal association, engaging in purchase and sale of weapons, basic parts to it and ammunition, have been detained in the course of the operation in the Tver region. Investigation department of the FSB and the Russian Interior Ministry opened criminal cases against them.

Only in Moscow and the Moscow region a Kalashnikov assault rifle, 4 rifles, 22 pistols of different brands, 23 guns, electrodetonators, 2 kg of gunpowder, five silencers for firing, 195 rounds of ammunition of various calibers, the gun TT and a revolver Nagan, as well as a machine for the manufacture of ammunition were seized during searches from four members of the organized crime group by operatives of the FSB and the MIA Criminal Investigation Department.

During searches a home-workshop on modernization and assembly of weapons and ammunition was found in the 25-year-old Moscow resident's apartment on the Academician Kapitsa street in the Moscow South-West. Components for weapons and ammunition, small tools and accessories for the equipment of ammunition were seized.

During the police operational activities in the Dagestani OCG's branch two TT pistols and Makarov gun, more than a thousand rounds of ammunition of various calibres were seized, as well as there was detected and eliminated the underground workshop for weapons manufacturing.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that as a result of large-scale operation there were withdrawn from illegal turnover 260 firearms of Russian and foreign production. Among them there are 19 rifles, 7 submachine guns, 72 carbines and pipe-guns, RPK, hand grenades and 152 pistols and revolvers (Chezet, Beretta, Colt, Glock, Browning, Grand Power, Makarov gun, TT, LAS, JMP, Revolver, Walter, Norinco), some of them with suppressors. In addition, there were also seized parts for more than 170 firearms and about 15 thousand different calibres of ammunition, more than 20 kilograms of explosives and detonators.

Seized weapons were adjusted at technical and ballistic examinations, according to results of which the law enforcement officers will take decisions on the initiation of new criminal cases against OCG members  and further procedural measures against them. Currently, the FSB and the Interior Ministry carry out additional operational and search activities.⁠

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