FSB detains criminal group that stole 900 tons of diesel from Druzhba pipeline going to Europe

FSB detains criminal group that stole 900 tons of diesel from Druzhba pipeline going to Europe
Photo: Yegor Yeremov / RIA Novosti

When detaining suspects, a large number of weapons were seized, including sniper rifles and PPSh.

In the Bryansk Region, FSB officers detained a group of intruders involved in the theft of fuel from the pipeline Transneft-Druzhba going to Europe. The criminals managed to steal about 900 tons of diesel fuel, the press service of the regional FSB department reported. 

The criminal group included residents of the Bryansk, Leningrad and Smolensk Regions. In total, 12 people were detained in the case of theft of fuel; they have already been charged.

The members of the group were able to pump out significant volumes of diesel fuel with the help of illegal tie-ins. In total, they stole oil products worth 47 million rubles ($690000). As noted in the FSB, during the search of the attackers, a significant number of weapons were found – both modern and the period of the Second World War. “During the search, Kalashnikov assault rifles, Shpagin submachine guns, carbines with sniper rifles, grenades, more than 13 firearms and ammunition to them, were confiscated from the detainees. Also, transport and equipment which they used to steal the fuel,” the FSB reported.

A representative of Transneft, Igor Demin, told RBC that the diesel fuel is supplied to the oil pipeline Transneft-Druzhba via transit through Ukraine towards Hungary. At the same time, the largest suppliers are Rosneft and its subsidiaries.

The pipeline system called Druzhba was put into operation in 1964. It transports oil and oil products to the countries of Eastern and Western Europe from the Volga-Ural oil and gas basin. The route of the pipeline system runs from Samara to Bryansk, then it is divided into two branches passing through the territory of Belarus and Ukraine. The Russian section of the system is controlled by Transneft-Druzhba (a subsidiary of PJSC Transneft).



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