Frolovskie gang leader leaves colony after just 3 years out of 22

Frolovskie gang leader leaves colony after just 3 years out of 22
Aleksandr Frolov Photo: Archive of BUSINESS Online

Kazan kingpin Aleksandr Frolov prematurely left the colony of strict regime because of a heart disease.

Kazan mafia boss Aleksandr Frolov nicknamed Frol, who is well-known in criminal circles, prematurely left the walls of the penal colony of strict regime in the Murmansk Region.

The Murmansk Regional Court released the leader of the OCG Frolovskie gang for health reasons. His illness is included in the list of diseases that allow prisoners to go free, as specified in the Government Decree No. 54 of 6 February 2004. According to BUSINESS Online, the prisoner has a heart disease. The criminal lord barely served 3 years out of 22 he was sentenced to by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Frolov's lawyer Vlada Rusina said that the heart disease of her client was evident even during the trial in Kazan.

"He already had the disease that prevented detention at that time, he had the first disability status, but then it was removed, and then he was diagnosed with hypertension of the 4th degree," the lawyer recalled.

Rusina specified that her client had already launched a procedure which eventually led to his release at the trial stage.

"It is a very long and complicated process. I was very surprised that, taking into account the established practice, the mechanism of this decree worked at all. As a rule, people are released under the law in cases when they have to be buried today or tomorrow," the lawyer said.

A source in law enforcement agencies also confirmed that the release of such a prominent criminal on the wording "for health reasons" is an extremely rare situation.

It should be noted that after the court's decision to release the mafia boss, the law enforcement agencies and the Penitentiary Service stop controlling Frolov. It is possible that the kingpin has already returned to Kazan.

Earlier, the CrimeRussia had given a through coverage of the trial of Aleksandr Frolov’s gang. The criminal boss and the members of his gang were detained in the winter of 2011 in the village of Kuralovo, Verkhneuslonsky District. Three years later, in November 2014, the jury found Frol guilty and, by the verdict of the Supreme Court of Tatarstan, he was sentenced to a 22-years’ imprisonment in a strict regime colony. The gang leader together with his 12 accomplices was convicted of a series of crimes, including 4 murders, 11 armed assaults, 2 robberies, illegal storage of drugs and weapons. Mainly, the victims of the group were entrepreneurs and wealthy residents of the region. In total, the court imposed the leader and the gang members 150 years of imprisonment in total. The gang was also involved in a number of daring attacks on Tatnefteprodukt gas stations and kidnapping of the son of Khazbulat Shamsutdinov, Vechernyaya Kazan editor-in-chief.



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