France to question Chechen hitman Validol in Lanin’s murder

France to question Chechen hitman Validol in Lanin’s murder
Valid ‘Validol’ Lurakhmaev

Turkey has not extradited the thief in law neither to Russia, nor to France since April 2016.

French law enforcement authorities have sent to Turkey an international investigative commission, in which they request to authorize the questioning of the Chechen hitman from a rainmakers’ gang Valid Lurakhmaev (Validol) in the murder of businessman Mikhail Lanin, which took place not far from Nice. However, according to Rosbalt, the Turkish side has not responded to their French colleagues’ request

It is noteworthy that the Turkish law enforcers, who had detained Validol with documents in the name of Aleksandr Smirnov back in April 2016, has been ignoring the requirements of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the killer’s extradition.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Valid Lurakhmaev was a killer in a gang of rainmakers, which was selling posts in government and state-owned companies. In many cases, the organized crime group killed the buyer after receiving the money. The OCG was created in 2004 by tax police officers Mikhail Koryakov and Akhmad Khamidov. The group has a long list of high-profile murders and murder attempts. According to investigation, in 2010, Validol organized the shooting of Saratovstroysteklo owner Mikhail Lanin and his civilian wife Elena Pravoslavnova as ordered by Khamidov. As the investigation reported, the gang charged the businessman with nearly 200 million rubles, allegedly for the purchase of a leading position in a state corporation. However, the rainmakers were not going to fulfill the promise, or return the money, and therefore decided to ‘eliminate’ the businessman. To do this, the criminals lured the businessman to France. March 4, 2011, the Chechens Yazid Arsaliev and Ruslan Bersanov, who worked for Validol, met Mikhail Lanin and his companion Elena Pravoslavnova in Nice and seated them in a car, allegedly to drive them to the apartment, which would be handed over to him on account of debt. On a narrow street in Villipente, one of the accomplices shot Lanin and Pravoslavnova. The man died on the spot, but the woman managed to survive and describe the attackers; the information she provided was used to identify and catch them.

The perpetrators of the assassination – Chechen natives Ruslan Bersanov and Yazid Arsaliev – are still in custody in France. The court proceedings commenced last year, but were suspended at the request of defense of the accused. The lawyers asked to wait for the verdict to businessman Sultan Sigauri in Moscow. In December 2016, Sigauri was sentenced to 8.5 years in a strict regime colony for mediating in the transmission of ‘order’ to eliminate Lanin.

As for the assassin's paymaster Akhmad Khamidov, he is currently internationally wanted.

Let us note that there is a number of other high-profile crimes under Validol’s belt: in 2010, he made an assassination attempt on businesswoman Tatyana Balzamova in Kiev, and in 2011, he planned the murder of businessman Maksim Ozirny in Turkey. It should be noted that some members of the OCG have already been punished for their actions, including the assassin of several people Sultan Sigauri. Twelve other persons are wanted, including the leaders of the organized crime group Mikhail Koryak and Akhmad Khamidov.



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