Former member of Tukaevskie gang detained 

Former member of Tukaevskie gang detained
Rinat Raimdzhanov

He was detained in a rented apartment near Kazan, a pistol and drugs were found.

Law enforcement officers arrested Rinat Raimdzhanov suspected of shooting on Universitetskaya Street in Kazan. The incident occurred on December 25, 2018, and hit CCTV footages. The record shows a man in dark clothes and a hat coming up to the car and making a shot. The driver gets out of the car, after which the attacker shoots him point-blank a second time. The driver's friend is trying to stop the culprit and snatch the weapon from his hands. However, he gets shot in the stomach. As a result of the attack, one person died, another one was injured. Both are entrepreneurs - several local LLCs are registered on them. The identity of the attacker was established immediately after the shooting, the next day, he was declared wanted.

55-year-old Raimdzhanov, who previously was a member of the Tukaevskie organized criminal group, was detained on May 15 in a rented apartment near Kazan. A pistol and narcotic drugs were found, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

Earlier, Raimdzhanov was a victim in the case of the Tukaevskie organized crime group over beatings. According to one version, Raimdzhanov is under the witness protection program, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Tatarstan did not confirm this information.

Earlier it was reported that Raimdzhanov opened his own business – he sells products successfully. But last year he had a conflict with his former criminal colleagues. The Tukaevskie members beat him with bats in one of the garages of Kazan, and earlier they burned down the car of the businessman.

Moreover, sources claim that Raimdzhanov gave a reason - after the arson, he came to the Central Market with a grenade and threatened to blow it up if not given tribute.



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