Former member of Trunov's gang Alexander Solodkin still owes 1 million rubles to region

Former member of Trunov's gang Alexander Solodkin still owes 1 million rubles to region
Alexander Solodkin Sr. Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / Kommersant

The Prosecutor's Office of the Novosibirsk region intends to collect the damage caused to the city budget from the ex-official, who has recently been released from jail.

The former adviser to the Governor of the Novosibirsk region, Alexander Solodkin Sr., who has recently served his sentence for participation in Trunov's gang, will once again appear before court. The regional Prosecutor's Office charged him with a civil action for the recovery of damages  caused to the budget of the region. The amount of damages was estimated at 1 million 56 thousand and 620 rubles.

The lawsuit was filed as part of the original sentence in the criminal case against the ex-adviser and former head of the regional department of physical culture and sport.

"The prosecutor's civil action was based on the court verdict. The size of the claim complies with the amount of the damage caused, as specified by the court," RBC quotes a representative of the Prosecutor's Office of Novosibirsk region, Dmitry Lyamkin.

Earlier, the court found that in 2006 Solodkin used his official position to steal more than a million rubles from the regional budget. The money were assigned for the second stage of the first summer Olympics among Russian youth.

In a conversation with RBC, the defendant's lawyer Nikolay Ukraintsev noted that Solodkin pleads not guilty and considers the verdict contrary to the circumstances of the case.

The trial in the October District Court of Novosibirsk is scheduled for January 16, 2017. The regional Department of Physical Education and Sports and the Ministry of Finance and Tax Policy are list as third parties.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Alexander Solodkin Sr. was arrested in February 2010, and in November 2015, he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for participating in Trunov's gang and for Swindling whilst conducting sports events (Art. 210 and 159 of the Criminal Code). His term expired in June 2016 and he was subsequently released.

It is worth noting that Solodkin's son, Alexander Solodkin Jr., was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison on similar charges. He previously held the position of Vice Mayor of Novosibirsk. Eventually, the Supreme Court reduced his term down to 8 years. For all the time of the investigation and the trial, the father and son insisted that the prosecution was based on the testimony of former members of the gang, who had given slanderous testimony for mitigation of their sentences.

Trunov's gang eliminated unwanted businessmen, operating on the territory of Novosibirsk at the end of the 1990s. In 2009, it was neutralized. In 2012, the founder of the group, Alexander Trunov, was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

According to prosecutors, the Solodkins joined the gang in 1997. The role of the father and son in the group was to look for economic entities that could supply the gang with financial resources and take control of them.



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