Former member of Osinovskie OCG killed in shootout in Transbaikal

Former member of Osinovskie OCG killed in shootout in Transbaikal
To the left is Dmitry Antipin, former leader of the Osinovskie gang (killed, body burned), to the right is Alexey Saklakov (deputy of the Zabaikalsky Krai Legislative Assembly)

On the night of November 24, a shootout occurred in a cafe in the village of Darasun, Karymsky District, Zabaikalsky Krai, during which one of the visitors was killed.

According to the news agency Chita.Ru, citing a source in the power structures, the deceased was a former member of the Osinovskie gang Vladimir Antipin.

According to the agency’s source, the man who was shot dead in a barbecue cafe near the highway, is a cousin of boxer Dmitry Antipin, leader of the linked to Osinovskie OCG gang, who was killed in 2007 in parallel with the assassination attempt on crime boss Osintsev.

The deceased Vladimir Antipin was previously convicted for extortion and kidnapping as part of a gang associated with the Osinovskie organized criminal group.

Investigation Department of the ICR in the Zabaikalsky region opened a criminal case on the fact of the murder. “So far no one has been prosecuted,” said Yegor Markov, spokesman for the investigation department of the ICR in the Zabaikalsky region.

Dmitry Antipin's gang was part of the criminal group of Igor Osintsev and acted in Transbaikal in the mid-2000s. In 2007, the leader of the gang – master of sports and vice-president of the Siberian Boxing Federation Dmitry Antipin was killed near Chita along with two bodyguards. In 2009, six gang members were convicted for extortion and kidnapping as part of a criminal group. Among them was Vladimir Antipin who died in Darasun last night.

Igor Osintsev’s criminal group, which operated in the Zabaikalsky region in the 1990s and 2000s, was the largest in the region. In the case of the group’s involvement in contract killings, more than 10 people were detained. Also, about 10 people are already serving sentences in the colonies, including Osintsev himself. In April 2012, in Moscow, the only remaining member of the gang, Igor Melnichuk, nicknamed Krasny, was detained for 5 years. In May 2013, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Zabaikalsky region, Yury Shkretov, was arrested on charges of involvement in the killings committed by the Osintsev group.



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