Extradited from the UAE Shamaninskie OCG leader refused to admit guilt and testify 

Extradited from the UAE Shamaninskie OCG leader refused to admit guilt and testify
Photo of Oleg Shamanin made a few days before his arrest in the United Arab Emirates Photo: Echo Severa

The leader of the Severodvinsk OCG is the lattermost detained. In Shamaninskie's case there are 27 defendants, three of whom are former employees of the Interior Ministry.

Leader of Shamaninskie organized crime group Oleg Shamanin, who is extradited from the UAE to Russia, is charged with “creation and lead of a stable armed group (OCG), extortion, intentional destruction of another's property and robbery."

The ID ICR in the Arkhangelsk Region said that the accused did not plead guilty and refused to testify during the interrogation.

Meanwhile, the investigation has information that Shamanin organized and led a criminal organization in Severodvinsk, which nightmarized business representatives for two and a half years in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk region in 2012.

Bandits were not too soft with recalcitrant businessmen, who refused to pay for the 'roof'. Shamaninskie burned their cars and shops, and destroyed property, often torturing the objects of extortion.

Until 2014, Shamaninskie felt themselves with impunity, because they were covered by a few law enforcement officers, who also were members of the OCG. According to the FSB, Shamaninskie OCG collected a tribute from Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk businessmen, the amount of which reached several million rubles monthly.

In 2014, as a result of joint actions of security agencies, the OCG was first scattered and then destroyed. There were detained about 30 members of the gang one after another.


Oleg Shamanin on interrogation

Oleg Shamanin managed to hide overseas for a long time. At the end of 2015, the CrimeRussia became aware of his presence in the Afghan capital Kabul, then the leader of the Shamaninskie OCG moved to the United Arab Emirates. In December 2016, the Russian Interior Ministry reported on Shamanin's extradition to Russia.

According to recent reports, the criminal case of Shamaninskie has in total 329 volumes of materials. Victims of the OCG are more than 70 people. During the investigation, by the court order, law enforcers arrested more than 42 mln rubles on Shamanin’s accounts. The court also imposed the arrest on the gang's property for the sum more than 50 million rubles.

A total of 27 people have been detained upon the case of the gang, three of them are former MIA employees. They have been charged with Participation In a Criminal Community (part 2 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code), Extortion (items (a, b), part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code), Wilful Destruction of other people's property (part 2 of Art. 167 of the Criminal Code) and Robbery (item (a), part 4 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code). The criminal case against the gang contains a total of 158 volumes. The case of Oleg Shamanin himself has been separated.



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