Ex-senator Izmestiev's gang member unparoled

Ex-senator Izmestiev's gang member unparoled
Igor Izmestiev Photo: Andrei Stenin / RIA Novosti

Igor Uldanov was sentenced to 15 years and 10 months of imprisonment for murder, illegal firearms trafficking, participation in a gang and preparation for a terrorist act.⁠

The Prosecutor's Office of the Chelyabinsk region won the cancellation of the decision on parole for Igor Uldanov, who was member of the gang of ex-senator from Bashkiria Igor Izmestiev, Znak.com reports. The group was complicit in the attempt on the son of ex-President of Bashkiria Ural Rakhimov, as well as in numerous contract killings.

The members of Izmestiev's gang were detained in 2004 and 2005. Uldanov was convicted in 2010. He was charged with participation in the gang, murder, illegal trafficking of firearms and preparation for a terrorist act. The unserved term of Uldanov is 3 years 4 months and 23 days.

Recently, the Kopeysk City Court granted Uldanov's petition for release on parole. The grounds featured positive characteristics of the convict, as well as the support of the petition from the administration of the correctional facility.

The Prosecutor's Office, however, did not support this decision and filed an appeal in which they pointed out that when Uldanov's petition was satisfied, the court violated the criminal procedure law. According to this law, when discussing issues related to parole, courts are obliged to take into account all the circumstances that deserve attention.

The Kopeysk court did not take into account the fact that when serving the sentence Uldanov twice violated the order. For one of the violations he was put in a punishment cell. According to the prosecutor, this indicates the instability of the prisoner's behavior, which is an obstacle to his parole. The appellate instance of the Chelyabinsk Regional Court considered these arguments to be justified, and canceled the decision on the parole.

The gang of ex-Senator from Bashkiria Igor Izmestiev consisted of 12 people, members of the Kingisepp criminal group. The group was created in 1992 on the basis of one of the security companies under the leadership of a resident of Kingisepp. The gang is accused of 20 grave and especially grave crimes, including 12 murders and an attempt on the son of the ex-President of Bashkiria. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, Izmestiev financed the crimes of the group. Thus, every murder was estimated at 100 thousand dollars. The ex-Senator was sentenced to life imprisonment.

On July 20, it became known that human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva told during a meeting of the Russian Presidential Council on Human Rights that she had asked Putin to release Izmestiev on her birthday. The human rights activist noted that Putin had promised to fulfill her request.

"I am convinced that he is innocent. I have been doing this for many years, I sought a review of the judgment, but this is a "born-to-lose activity". From my point of view, he is innocent. The only way to help this person is to have the President pardon him. His fate worries me very much. This is a very personal request," Alexeyeva explained. According to her, she is not familiar with Izmestiev. "I have never seen him. I just know a lot of people in Bashkiria and Moscow, whom he helped a lot," Alexeyeva commented to RBC on her efforts to help the former Senator.



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